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This is really cute, and I like how you spread out the keys / actions! Reminds me of A Short Hike in the good vibes & lighthearted nature.

I legit didn't realize how my song could feature in a more spooky / horror context until playing this. Really liked the voice overs as well.

Yes, thanks for creating it! Never would've imagined that my song would've fit in such a context.

The link still hyperlinks to "youtube.come" btw (the anchor text is correct, but the underlying link is still ".come" when you click on it).

TIL that this genre of game was called interactive fiction. I really like the concept and how the music fit with each of the different "stages". It reminded me a lot of Undertale; I like the concept of being able to "mercy" your thoughts (and having self-compassion).

Btw, there's a typo in the YouTube link - it's listed as "youtube.come" instead of "".