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I really like the idea of shooting nodes to activate platforms on a timer! The reload animation for the gun was simple, yet clean and functional. Also, I rather enjoy the, 'ambiguous galaxy' setting! However, I didn't find this demo mechanically compelling and here's why:

Felt like simon says with 12 nearly identical platforming challenges: run, shoot, short hop, short hop, collect rock, reorient. I like the concept, as first draft as it was, but I could never get over the inconsistencies of the current mechanics. The initial dash has such a slow acceleration rate, it feels like molasses. But even though there was acceleration on the ground, my air speed dropped as soon as I let go of any direction. To top it off, I always want to over-shoot my trajectory while jumping because there were times where I was close, but not off the ledge, and I was actually pulled back and dropped from the platform.

I would like to see more of this game and will probably keep myself updated on it's development cycle! My ideal first-person parkour experience would have a greater top speed for the player as I like relying on fundamentals over pattern memorization, immediate responsiveness with the controls so feel extremely in control of my character, and an organic amount of asymmetry rather than a parimeter couse full of 90 degree turns around a 2x2.

Best of luck as you continue to develop!