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also i understand that cheat codes are meant to be found/secret but may i ask, the codes are not the $1 bundles which provide cars off the bat ?

absolutely loving the game so far, just one question will there be a First person driving view or not? just wondering.


Dw i fixed it 

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after downloading the Timeless file, and trying to run it i came across a problem/Error which is 

Folder 'Vapor Rider Timerless_Data' is not found/ next to executable. 

would you happen to know what the problem is and if so am i able to fix it myself?

thank you sooo much


love the game to bits. is the only driving game from itch which i will come back to and play whenever, would love to have maybe one more map like a race track or off-road loop  for the mini, thanks 

could there please be a downloadable version of the existing game but without the timer. thanks