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Wow, this looks really nice

An alternative frontend by jkj yuio is now available here

I got this in the Ukraine bundle. I see a lot of performance/crashing complaints but it worked well on my PC. I really enjoyed it!

I can’t create an OSX app for various reasons, but one of my testers has confirmed that the game works in modern browsers under the right conditions.

As such, Mac OSX users can play it simply by downloading the Linux version and extracting it. Then, drag /data/files/index.html into your browser window.

Two things you should know: First, you should run the game in Chrome or Firefox. (Safari doesn’t support Twine’s save system by default and there may be a few other compatibility issues)

Second, trying to play the game in full-screen will likely give you trouble, so it's best to keep it in a regular window.

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No, other testers didn't mention Gatekeeper. It's definitely the right-click button, which is a core part of the game.

I haven't found a way to solve the problem but hopefully you can play around with the OSX mouse settings and find one that works.

If not I may need to change the game code itself.

You can email me at and I'll reply with a linked file.

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There were some issues with the Mac version that I wasn't able to solve before the competition date (having to do with OSX's right-click settings). If you have a Mac and are willing to test, let me know.

The Linux version is working and I will probably put that up soon.


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You can download the flash player projector here

Then from within the player, File > Open this link

I really like this... I heard about it through the Hubworld Showcase.

Is the mushroom girl fighting pigs because they hunt for truffles, or am I overthinking things?

I'll keep exploring then.

I'm having trouble getting past the tutorial; is there something I am supposed to do with the rabbit?

Impressive work; I've added this to IFDB