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Thanks for asking! Chapter 2 came out in January, so if you haven’t played it already I recommend checking it out!

As for Chapter 3, I’ve been distracted by another Playdate game (it’s a rhythm game!) and boring Real Life Stuff. I am chomping at the bit to start work on it though. Too many game ideas, not enough time 😮‍💨

Unfortunately there isn’t a full walkthrough anywhere, at least as far as I know! Maybe I should add some sort of hint system into the game. Not sure what that would look like though. 🤔

If it helps, you can skip the level using the level select screen (accessed via the menu).

Ah right! I was hoping you’d found some clever way of squashing the audio files down further 😅

Would you mind sharing what you used to compress the audio? Did it result in a noticeable drop in quality? (Not that the Playdate’s speakers are particularly high fidelity anyway.)

Thanks so much for adding these accessibility settings! Can’t wait to try the game again with increased checkpoints enabled.

Just want to chime in and add my support for accessibility options too! Unlimited lives and more checkpoints would go a long way to make the game more enjoyable (personally speaking).

I don’t think damage modifiers would make a big difference since half of my deaths so far were caused by being knocked into a bottomless pit 😅

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UPDATE: This is now fixed in v1.4

Oh man… I think I introduced an even worse progress-halting bug into chapter 2 while fixing the other one 🙀

This means that v1.2 is essentially broken. I’ll publish a fix later next week! In the meantime if you have access to v1.1 I recommend using that version.

Hey jarrodl! That’s super weird. From the way you describe it, that sounds just like the bug from v1.1. So perhaps I did not successfully fix it 🙈 So sorry about this!

Would you be able to send screenshots of what you’re seeing to Ideally with a screenshot of the games list in settings, too. Thank you!

Update: I’ve now released version 1.2 that should fix both of these issues. Thank you for flagging them!

Sorry about that!! I will try to get around to patching it soon. I’m afraid restarting the chapter is the only way to fix it for now.

As for that bow and arrow… again, whoops, spoilers! That shouldn’t have been enabled for these chapters!

Weird. Maybe it’s a bug! If you’re able to, please me a screenshot or photo of your playdate to and we’ll try to work it out!

I suggest taking another look in the room you found the radio (the rightmost room on Floor 1)!

Great news!! Skwish is now on Catalog!

That and a small easter egg for the bunny bundle!

I finally got around to fixing this, in today’s v1.1 update. Thanks again for letting me know!

I would love that too! Panic, if you’re reading this, call me ;-)

Oh man! This is an amazing sequence breaking bug! I wonder if you could use it to skip parts of the chapter? Anyway I guess I will fix it in a future update. Thank you for letting me know!

That’s a tricky question to answer! Between both the web and Playdate versions, I must have spent dozens of hours working on Skwish. But that was split across sporadic evenings and weekends over several years.

Happy holidays to you too!

Hello! Thank you for preordering, it means a lot to me! I am still hoping to release the game by the end of the month, but if it is taking longer I will be sure to send an update to everyone who has preordered. Thank you for bearing with me!

Sounds like you have the original version 1.0.0 of the game installed. The five extra levels and challenge scores are in the v1.1.0 update!

If you re-download the game from Itch and sideload it again to your Playdate, that should update it. (You may need to delete it from your console to force a new download as the Sideload process can be somewhat unreliable.)

Thanks for letting me know! I’ve now fixed the build number and re-uploaded it (what should have been a ‘9’ accidentally got turned into a ‘0’).

Re the mac directory, what do you see in the zip? I wasn’t able to see any. I’m uploading the PDX files directly to, so there shouldn’t be any junk in the zip.

It’s out now! Thanks for the great suggestion!

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I finally got around to playing this! Didn’t get any lag on my computer but that background bug is disconcerting… like a wall about to crush me 😅

Oh also I got stuck in the middle section, maybe I’m not smart enough to solve it???

It’s mostly the music files that inflate the size of the game. Many non-Pulp Playdate games are around this size too. For example, “A Joke That’s Worth $0.99” is 14.5MB and Bloom is 60.8MB.

Omg I love it!!!!! Please share the json, I have to play this!

Thank you for the detailed review! I’m glad you liked it. Expanding the score-attack mode is a great idea too, I’ll admit it was a bit of a last-minute addition!

It’s out right now!!

Yup! It just happened. Though Leaf randomly played a verrry early version of this a couple of years ago, so maybe they’ve been watching over skwish like a guardian angel 👼

Honestly? I have no idea!

I accidentally disabled preorders last night, sorry about that 🙈 The good news is, it’s now released and available to play immediately!

Thank you for the preorder and the honest feedback :)

Oh no sorry about that! I’ll look into it! Can you let me know your OS and browser?

Thanks for sharing! I love watching people play through the game.

Thank you so much for recording this play through! Glad you enjoyed it too! Do you mind if I feature the video on the page?

Thanks! I’m working on chapter 2 now! Now-ish anyway.

This comment means everything to me! Thanks for playing :-)

Update: this should be fixed in v0.2, thanks again for flagging!


Thanks! Watch this space!!