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Thanks for sharing! I love watching people play through the game.

Thank you so much for recording this play through! Glad you enjoyed it too! Do you mind if I feature the video on the page?

Thanks! I’m working on chapter 2 now! Now-ish anyway.

This comment means everything to me! Thanks for playing :-)

Update: this should be fixed in v0.2, thanks again for flagging!


Thanks! Watch this space!!

Thanks, good catch!

Thank you for the kind words! I’ll be sure to get that bug fixed for a post-jam version.

Whoops! Sorry about that. Thanks for playing anyway!

I agree! Choosh did a great job with the art. Admittedly the game design itself took a bit of backseat bc I was learning Lua/Love2D on the fly. Will give it a think as to how to make the game bit more interesting than a simple whack a mole.

Hey! Hope you don’t mind me following up on this. I tried recreating the bug in Firefox (on MacOS), and I found that the spacebar doesn’t scroll the page if you’ve clicked inside of the game’s frame. Is it the same for you, or dos yours scroll even after having clicked on the game?

Hell yea! More to come for sure!

I can’t take any credit for that, it’s alllll Mackie :-D

Hey thanks!

Thanks for playing it on your stream! It was really cool to watch someone react in real time ^_^

Great atmosphere! The visuals matched the music and game concept perfectly – It’s really quite striking.

The gameplay needed some work though, I found myself frustrated by the clunky movement and lack of space to park tiles. On my first game, I accidentally got myself trapped by my own blocks with no way to win :-[

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I’ll admit, it took me some time to warm up to this game. I still don’t fully understand what would cause certain animals to appear. But seeing my island fill up with buffalo and then giants was super cool. I appreciate that you embraced the tiny 7x7 tiles.

Here’s my finished(?) island – buffalo grasslands to the north and a big colony of giants to the southwest.

Great work for one person over two days! I love the colour scheme and logo, though wish there was more contrast between the characters and background. I tried playing this on a laptop and was absolutely obliterated by the enemies. Figure it might be easier with mouse & keyboard or a gamepad.

You totally nailed the metroid look and feel! I loved jumping around this subterranean planet. It’s a pretty big map for such a short jam – maybe too big?? (Side note: this game made me think about how much of the real 2D metroid games are based around tunnels, rather than large open rooms.) Props for composing your own music on top of everything else, even if it’s a little, uh, “chill beats to shoot metroids to”. Nice work!

Thanks turtle!!

Ahh don’t you worry, hard mode is coming in a future update 😈

Really cute game, very wholesome and relaxing! I like the fact you used a nice readable lowercase font instead of the narrow pico-8 one too. I wonder if I’d have actually learned to touch-type had they provided this in school…


Thanks for the note, this was an oversight on my part — will make sure to fix in the post-jam update.

I forgot to mention the series is laced with a highly addictive substance! Guess you’re hooked now ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I’m interested! Check my profile for some of my games. My unity experience is pretty limited but I enjoy pixel art and game/level design. What kind of game are you thinking about making?

Thanks for playing! That’s good feedback too.

Thanks for the feedback! Sounds like it’s a good thing I never got around to designing level 1-2, hah

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you so much for the video!

Very cool, thank you!

Wow this is hard as nails but really good. Really forces you to twist your brain to fit the game’s logic. And such an original idea! Congrats

So adorable! I love the art style and Bruce's sad little whines.

This is a really cool tech demo!  It took me a few minutes but I did manage to sort Space Turtle's socks. This makes me want to try using a physics engine in my next game, I'd love to know how you integrated the two. I don't suppose you'd consider releasing the source code?

Thank you! More to come soon hopefully :-)

Thanks! I still need to finish v2 of the game, it has refined graphics and a level editor.

Sorry, the source code is private! The Itch app is a great way to download the game to play offline, I recommend that.

Hi John! Are you looking to download to play offline? The Itch app makes it easy to do that with HTML5 games, I believe. Or are you interested in reading the source code?

You managed to pack a lot into a small package, both in terms of gameplay and the UI. Congrats!