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It was interesting, fun and spooky. 10/10 

Short and sweet! 

Great spooky atmosphere and a dark ending. Love it! 

Another fun, gruesome KILLS game. Loved it! 

This demo is so interesting already, and I really hope to see a full version! 

It was really interesting, but I unfortunately got stuck because I couldn't walk sometimes. Other than that, it was good and spooky. 

This was a really fun little game, and I just love creepypasta games so I liked it!

Fun, interesting and creepy. I love it! Great game. 

Short and sweet little game which was pretty interesting. Good job! 

Another awesome game! It was interesting, funny and very well made. 10/10 

Really creepy with good spooky moments, I would love to see more! 

Very loud but it was nice and creepy, good spook in the end! 

Played the demo version so far, and it's so creepy. The sounds, the weird doll, the music, it's all so creepy and I can't wait to play the full version! 10/10 

Dark, disturbing and creepy. Very well made! 10/10

Really creepy and interesting, I would love to see more!

Very creepy, well made and a fun twist in the end. Great work as always! 

This game is really cute and weird, I would love to see more! 10/10

The game was fun, had a good ambience and had good jump scares. Really well made! 

Interesting little game, good spooky bits and pretty fun. Good job! 

Nice little escape room type horror. It had a good atmosphere and was spooky. Really well made too, good game!

It was short and sweet, I enjoyed it. The atmosphere was nice and creepy, and the random little scares were fun. This game has potential for a fuller version. Good job! 

This was such a cool little game. The style is awesome, the story and atmosphere were built up nicely and was really ominous and creepy. 10/10 Great game! 

This game was really interesting and fun, I love the little spooky bits and it's so well made. 10/10 great little game. 

This was pretty interesting and could probably be made into a longer game with some more lore. Love the style, short and sweet, great little game! 

It was really weird, which is fun, I liked it, good game! 

Well made and fun. It gets really spooky in the end, love it! 

Fun and spooky. A very well made, little horror. 

This was really weird and fun, good job!

This was so well made and creepy. I love it! 10/10

It got really dark which I loved. It was interesting and creepy, good job!

It was fun and creepy. Very well made too, 10/10

This game was really creepy and fun. I will definitely be playing again for the ending I missed. 10/10

be playing again for the ending I missed. 10/10

It was fun, ominous and really good for such a short game. Loved it! 

Really fun, creepy and well made. 10/10 

It was really fun and weird, I would love more of it! 

This was so good. The art style is creepy, the story is disturbing and dark. I really enjoyed it. 10/10 

Creepy, well made little game. Love it! 

It was really creepy, ominous and suspenseful. I loved it!