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I got it!  Nice glow-in-the-dark edition box :)

I printed it at 8.5x11, but the online Office Depot booklet creator allows you to print it at 5.5x8.5.  While you can do this, I would not recommend it (unless you have 20/20 bionic eyes). It was not designed to be printed that small (although I wish it had been as I prefer zine size myself).

Also, if you find that you enjoy making zines, I recommend having these:

Scor-Pal Scoring Board:

Bostitch Booklet Stapler:

4-Inch Rubber Brayer Roller for Printmaking:

Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Cutter:

I'm not sure what is meant by (g).  If it is grammage, gsm, or g/m2, then 110lbs cardstock is between 270-308gsm.  Paper weights are confusing because there are different categories such as "text" and "cover/card".  For example, an 8.5x11 inch sheet of 100lbs "text" weighs less than 100lbs "card" because text weight is measured with a stack of paper that has a larger dimension than that of the stack of cardstock.

But you don't have to use the same paper weight as I do.  Just find some nice thick cardstock you think will do nicely as a cover that can be run through a laser printer.

Correct.  A ream of 110lbs cardstock weighs 49.895kg.  The zine itself weighs significantly less ;)

Thanks :)  110lbs cardstock cover, full color laser print interior and saddle stitched.  I have an industrial guillotine that can cut a ream of paper like butter.  So sizing zines and cutting the creep off the edge is a cinch.

Even though it was designed for A5, you left enough of a margin so that I could print it 8.5x11 (5.5x8.5 folded).  So thanks for keeping your margins generous.  My only recommendation is that you also do that for the text on the cover (the white text goes almost to the edge and could use more space there for us USA folks).

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Yay!  Looks awesome.  Can't wait to play.
Printed 2d6 Haunted House

Yeah it's definitely not smyth sewn and a little off on the colors (see it compared to a Mork Borg book).  The binding is a weird type of perfect bound I've never seen that floats up when the book opens wide (I'm not sure if you can see that in the pics).  But it works for now :)

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This book is awesome!  I have been waiting for the official hardcover for a while now and recently realized we live in an age where I can send a PDF to a printer and they will create a 100 page full-color hardcover for $45 + $7 S&H.  It's not as nice as the official one is supposed to be (I'm still looking forward to receiving mine once Newyear fulfills orders), but it's pretty good and can serve me now at the game table.

Presto Photo for $86 USD gets you a hard cover HKRPG book.

I also printed the expansion "Lands Beyond" in full color saddle-stapled booklet format for $10 each at my local Office Depot Print Shop.

The "Hollow Knight Wanderer's Journal" is a beautiful book and amazing visual companion for both players and GM and can be purchased for $32 here:

Hollow Knight RPG hard cover

Hard Cover!
Hollow Knight hard cover spine

Hollow Knight RPG hard cover open

Full color!

You can check out the log from the photo to see what went down...
Solo Orbits Game Log

Click for a larger view.

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The game is still in progress (I had to pause), but Daikun is faring pretty well. Stay tuned for episode 2 :)
Solo Orbits game in progress

Click for larger view

Any chance there will be an in-print version of this game?

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In an effort to keep things small (to honor the source material) I am using 1/4" grid paper. I took some liberties with the game setup (as intended you are supposed to roll randomly for room shape), but I wanted a cool looking ship with some symmetry and it makes more sense to me that Daikun would already know the layout of the ship he works on. This game is neat! It's a dungeon crawler, except the dungeon is a space ship. I'm using some 6mm Space Marine and Necron minis to keep track of position and lingering enemies should I intend to avoid them. And I rolled a void creature in the first room, so now I have a buddy! I'm using a 10mm Slaanesh Daemonette for my void creature and named her "Nyx". I'm looking forward to seeing how Daikun fares.

I used Midjourney to whip up a visual of Daikun and his Void Creature "Nyx".

I got the PDF printed on high gloss paper and saddle stitched at my local Office Depot for only $15.  Now I have a thing that closely resembles a magazine and it looks awesome and is very functional.

I'm bummed I missed the deluxe boxed set.  Any idea when there will be a reprint?

Here's a pic of Korg rules fitting on a card which you can find here:

This game rocks!  At its foundation are 5 sentences of simple rules and several thematic d6 tables for conducting solo adventures.  The game is a lot of fun out of the box (pdf) and easy to embellish/expand.  Be inspired by it, hack it, and make it yours!

While Orc Borg does not require tactical miniature combat, that is the way my group will be playing it (might plugin Forbidden Psalm like rules). Anyone else wishing to do so, I found the perfect set of 15mm space orc minis (30 for only $14.99) on etsy.

While Orc Borg does not require tactical miniature combat, that is the way my group will be playing it (might plugin Forbidden Psalm like rules). Anyone else wishing to do so, I found the perfect set of 15mm space orc minis (30 for only $14.99) on etsy.

While Orc Borg does not require tactical miniature combat, that is the way my group will be playing it (might plugin Forbidden Psalm like rules). Anyone else wishing to do so, I found the perfect set of 15mm space orc minis (30 for only $14.99) on etsy.

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Arden, I saw your response on Reddit.  I have shared the files with you and provided links to them in the Reddit chat and I also sent the links to your email.

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Arden, I sent you my email address via Reddit Effective-Ad-6853 (apparently there is a reddit private chat feature I was unaware of).

Most people will want the PNG (22 meg). however I'll also provide a PSD (92 meg) so that if you ever update the locations in the map, you can release a new color map as well.  I apologize in advance, the PSD layers are an unorganized hot mess.

Arden, Just saw your comment now.  It is not evident to me how I can communicate privately with you where you can grab the file.  Do you have an email address you can share here?  Unless you are OK with me uploading somewhere for anyone to grab?  Let me know.

I'm fine with sharing the color version, but I don't think Arden would want that, as he is selling it.  If you buy the map (it isn't expensive), Arden makes it fairly easy to colorize the map yourself with photoshop.  If I recall correctly, he even includes the PSD file.  Then after you color it to your satisfaction you can print it for like $35 at a Walgreens print shop or wherever.  If Arden posts here that he is OK with me sharing the color file, I can post a PNG of it somewhere.  It is a high res file at 6248x8026.  A PNG of it would be around 22 meg file size.  Or he is also welcome to have the file and can make it available as part of his download.  But I imagine he could do a much better job of coloring it himself.  He is the artist after all ;)

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Thanks for the excellent map Mr. Arden. I colored it up with the Mork Borg color scheme and printed it 20x30 full color (although in the poster print, the magenta isn't as vibrant as it was on my RGB display). It's good enough for me though and now my group has a nice big map when we play :)

Mork Borg Map Extended Color