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A member registered Nov 23, 2016

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Beta 5 is freaking amaaazing! It added pretty much everything I wanted from the game! :D Thanks a ton!

Fun fact - Ravenfield is actually a real place in the UK, near Sheffield. Lol.

You can, but I think the AI refuses to drive the tank while you are doing so. Not sure.

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-Melee weapons

-More pistols/secondaries (Desert Eagle, Revolver, M1911 for example)

-More maps (Not too big, Island is perfect size for this game I'd say.)

-An SMG or LMG. (MP5 and M249 would be great)

-A deployable heavy machine gun for point defense (could be blown up or used by both sides, infinite ammo)

-Multiplayer (obviously)

-Co-op mode against AI with other players

-Handicaps, to make one side weaker or stronger, or an option to edit bots per team.

-Separate spawn timers for ai and players

-Defense mode (one side is not allowed to take points, but rather holds points against a continuous assault for a given time period.)

-Less stun or rolling down the hill (lol)

-Different hit markers on hit and kill (normal for hit, red for kill)

-An option to disable vehicles, or make them spawn faster.

-Modding support

That's all I can think of for now, please do add these into the game :D Alright, I'm off to slaughter some reds in slow motion! Bye!