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Pavel Player

A member registered Sep 24, 2020

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Хорошая игра, представляет собой небольшой инди хоррор, со смыслом Особенно испугал скример за спиной. =)) 5 звезд из 5 -ти

Sorry for my English I have tried this many times. I completed the puzzle, but I did not receive the fuse, and did not receive the message "gate control fuse obtained" This does not always happen. 

Sometimes the bottom right cube rotates himself on panel 1 for no apparent reason. This happens when the puzzle in panel 1 is solved. When this happens, it is impossible to solve the puzzle in panel 2.

Buddy, sometimes the colored square puzzle won't give me the fuse. Fix it. I know how to solve this puzzle, but sometimes it doesn't work.

why you hide video ? 

I really liked this game and Hard Bass. Enemies are very funny. Please continue developing the project, do not throw it. This is a great game

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i love this game. Good work ! But what is the name of Ronnie's girlfriend ?