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Pontus Joneström

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Kinda difficult as a platformer, but I really liked some of the surprising twists.

Cosy little game! Very soothing atmosphere. I find myself struggling with the puzzling and getting the dice to the right side. Could just be that I'm not target audience for this sort of game, but I would have liked some more ways to control the faces other than just rolling it around. Great job all in all though!

Glad you liked it! Thank you for playing!

Thanks for your kind words and feedback! And thank you for playing!

Thanks for playing and thank you for your feedback!

Really cool game! Great visuals, audio, game feel etc. Would be really fun in VR as well I imagine. Great job!

Really liked the presentation with the visuals, sounds and effects. The game idea is also fun! I wish the spinning of the dice was a bit faster and that I had some more feedback on what the dice rolls do. But really great job with this all in all!

Fun game! A little hard to avoid the enemies with the melee weapons, but really enjoyed the shotgun. Nice art! Great job!

Nice concept. Good vibe, animations and sound effects. The puzzle solving is a fun idea, but it's hard to remember the sides of the dice, so I'm mostly just moving randomly to try and get it right. Good job!

Nice idea. I feel like the puzzle solving could be made easier in some way. I mostly just move around until I get it right, instead of trying to figure it out. I wish there was some feedback when landing on the right side as well. Cosy little game otherwise. Great job!

Oh, I forgot about this game! Used to play it all the time with my family when I grew up! Nice presentation, very clean and nice music. Would really have loved to play this multiplayer. And to spice it up, maybe you could add some animations to interactions in the menu and with buttons. Great job though!

Couldn't get to any of the faces. I wish there was an animation for walking and that the player would stop faster. Very cozy atmosphere and music.

Nice game and presentation! I liked the visuals and animations. Figuring out how to get the right side felt a little bit of a chore for me, but I did appreciate the tiles that could help me in different ways. I would personally have liked more of that to make it easier. Also it was a little disorienting to move when the level was tilted a lot, like in the level selector. All in all though, great job!

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Not really sure if something went wrong, but couldn't get past the part where I could press cards and get different texts displayed. Tried a couple of times.

I liked the style and the concept. When it comes to puzzle design I felt like I often just moved the cube around until I got right instead of figuring it out. But maybe that was just me not being patient haha. Good job though!