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Since the game requires a ps4 controller, will there be a possibility for a ps4 port of the game?

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The game is good, but i have a few issues with the it. the dishwasher and fridge don't seem to stay all the way closed , the ai of the cops are ridiculously stupid because they walk everywhere and they keep knocking the table over, and they seem to clip through the fridge to find the evidence that i hid in there.

Also when i pick up stuff, barry's arms keeps shaking around and makes it hard for me to perfectly place something without throwing it.

Hang on, is that it? I just leave and the game is over? Or does this game have multiple ending?

I don't know what to do. the game tells me to search the room and ended up finding some sort of book, but other than that i'm completely stumped. am i missing something? am i supposed to do something about the inventory or something?

I dont understand

Does this game have an MMFAplication?

I want to report something that is preventing me from playing this game. For some reason when i set the resolution to 1024x768 the apply button stoped working,  i kept clicking on it but nothing happened. I believe the reason why is because when i set the resolution to that number, the AZA GAME STUDIO icon ended up blocking the apply button. I don't know what else to do other than to close the game. If you could fix it to where the icon is smaller (or at least take the icon away) then that would be grateful