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Sooooo happy for you ^.^

Amazing :) Really cool effort you're making for your game post-launch!

Okay! Thanks :) Im gonna try to tweak it a bit

What didn't you like about the controls precisely?  Would love to improve it for PC :)

Ohh! Cool that you decided to release this one :) Still love the mood ^_^

Awesome insight! 

Thank you ^_^ Slow and steady wins the race :)

Wow! This is a cool bit of games engineering ;)

That's an evil Furtle O_O. Nice gameplay idea, having different elements which influcence the two animals you are controlling differently!

Adorable graphics! Managed to get 1800 :D

Wow this is such a heartwarming game! Love it :) The aesthetic, the relaxing gameplay, everything :)

Cool idea^^. I needed to get a tip to realize you should stand on the toilet paper xD

After swapping the camera very quickly, there was a bug where it only rendered gray. But using your own engine is very impressive!

Fun game! Good collision logic and control parameters! Liked the aesthetic, too!

Nice idea & art! I had some issues with the controls (jumping seemed to be a bit imprecise) and I didn't manage to figure out the puzzle :D

I like how your mechanics transport the message that acting early in a pandemic (and isolating cases) is in fact the most effective! Relevant to the topic and current state of the world!

Impressive! If you add some more supporting mechanics I could easily see this becoming a released game!

Helping the world gives a meaing in life :) 

The balancing seems good! Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to really learn all options but cool idea, designing a jrpg bossfight.

I did not :O I tried hard though.

Hey Iris! Glad you liked it! You can't eat at the camfire that is a fix we will be shipping after the ratings are done :) You can eat in the overworld though by dragging food onto your avatar.

(1 edit)

Social stat is still very much work in progress^^ But yeah! Thanks for the feedback!

This game looks great and plays nicely! Awesome job! 

Cute penguins & nice ice-respawn animations! Had fun keeping my herd together.

Spreading some love is always good! Especially in these times :D

Awesome cause! Claps for the music :)

Really nice aesthetic and impressive that you included procedural generation in a game jam!

A nice allegory on how it's hard to bring everyone over the finish line! I like it!

Nice mood and cool idea with bringing the light back to the city :)

Nice idea making the slime dangerous for your partner! Unfortunately, I didn't have anyone to play with but I can imagine this being fun as a couch coop. :)

I really like your animations and graphics in general! The controls feel like there is alot of weight to the toilet roll :D Fun game!

Fun throwing physics and awsome soundtrack!

Clever Gameplay! Took me a while to figure out the first level :) 

Cool game! I liked how you incorporated the theme and also the gameplay is fun and original! The sound could have been a bit louder but great entry anyways!

Amazing that you managed to make this in just a weekend! Found myself jamming along on my synth in no time^^

Matze used Cubase 9 as DAW and recorded the guitar, percussion and harmonica^^
Plugin wise he used:
- The TAL-U-NO-62 Synth plugin for the pad & bass
- The "Wolno" Piano by Felt instruments
- Some Tape Saturation, Compression etc. to keep the mix glued together.

All the libraries he used are free!

Did you try in the campfire screen or in the map screen? We're working to fix the bug in the campfire screen :) Map screen should be working fine.

Haha :D I was thinking about that.  First up will be implementing all the gameplay we wanted to. Then we'll quadruple the development costs  by making it multiplayer :P We've got much work to do. Glad you  liked it!

Hey Zwi,

we will be continuing to work on this game! There's many systems in there we'd still like to showcase better :) For example, NPCs acutally have an inventory and use the items you give them. Thanks for the kind words!