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Oh hi.


Oh yeah I remember you.

Yeah I watched that already.

and the way that I made a custom map is not a decompile. I just made a new unity project and then I made the custom map in there. I only use the decompile version just to see how it was being made before I start making it in the new unity project.

I actually like this demo already though.  Looking forward to see how the full game will be looks like with mostly the randomly generated levels. I also sometimes made a random Baldi basic custom map on gamejolt and gamebanana as well which it could be a good practice for everyone to be prepared for the randomly generated levels on the actual full game as well. 

I wonder though if it's ok that I can make a custom map of Baldi's basic which I'm not gonna decompile it. I'm just gonna make a whole new Unity project for the custom map which I hope that's ok though. I'm still counting that it's your game because all script and asset are from yours. Also I'm actually working on a first custom map right now which I'm very excited to release it for you guys to play and mod it as well.

Doing great MrDrNose. Also congratulations that Viktor Strobovski has reached 1 year old.


Nevermind. It's fixed now.

Can someone help me with this?

I tried to comment stuff in here but this message keep appearing and cancelled me from posting comment which I have no idea how it happen so someone please help.

Nice. Baldi is now 1 year old. I also make a mod called "Baldi's basic custom mode" which is like Baldi's basic but everyone can request some challenges right here: Yeah just made this for fun. Just imagine that Baldi's basic actually has a custom mode. Also some random images about Baldi's basic custom mode:

Well it's been a while since the last update actually. Maybe the creator are now focusing on Advanced education with viktor strobovski. Maybe.

Wow nice.


Alex wants to go camping in the forest.

Looks like we got the same idea.

Wow really cool though.

It's not a mod. It's an actual game.

Battle with infinite - Showdown - Sonic forces music

Where are we?

Also my Alex basic wiki page is growing up a lot and it's 100% finished. Everyone actually helping me with the wiki by adding the images and fixing the grammar for me since because I'm the one who fill each wiki page with the information of each stuff like characters and items. My wiki page is actually growing up a lot. I'm so happy.


Hmm.. maybe the tutorial in the youtube could help.

Here's the way. Look at the top right. You will see a symbol that has an X on it. Click on that and click "Run unsafe script"

Hi there. How it's going? It's been a while though. You probably busy making a moddable version right? or you are having a break right now. Anyways keep working on the moddable version.


Good idea.

Oh ok I didn't know you supposed to do that. Sorry I though it was a glitch and thanks for telling me by the way.

Uhhh... I still have no idea.

Hey calm down.

In the sound that named "SCR"

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Umm... hey. As I already know that this version allow you to custom your own detention timer right? Well I test it out by setting the detention timer to 12 seconds as the first one but I found a glitch and you might need to fix it. Apparently when I changed it and test it. I noticed that the principal doesn't say like "10 seconds" when you didn't set the detention timer to 10 seconds and that make you stuck in the detention room forever so I found out that changing the detention timer cause a glitch that makes you stuck in the detention room forever due to because principal doesn't say a voice lines so please fix this in the next version.

Ummm.... well I'll try to look more.

I also notice one more thing though that the unknown broom always move in the same path. That could probably make the people remember their path. I'm just saying. You can keep it like that. You don't need to change the moving pattern of the unknown broom. I'm ok with it.

If ypu said it's playable but no sound. Well try look for more dll file then.

Oh ok so that's a glitch for the whole time. Well at least it's now fixed so that supposed to happen then. 

Well then I don't know anymore. 

My note about this game.

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Ok I have played and this is the special thing that I found:

-The corrupted question when I answer it. It turn back into the normal question. That was werid.

I think that's all that I found for now and I try to get the detention from drinking and eating and it actually works and when you press the number in Asmodena minigame it didn't change the inventory slot so the issue had been fixed. Great job. I can actually feel it that you are very close to the full release of the moddable version. Keep going. Everyone is waiting for the full release right now and for this version. Everything is working fine so far. If I found a mistake I will tell you again.