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A member registered Jan 01, 2017

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I've been playing with it a bit, and think the following would make it a bit better:

  • Moving between asset folders/groups is a bit clunky - maybe have tabs or a drop down list, rather than having to cycle through them?
  • The actions at the top (new, save etc.) look like menus but they're actually buttons. Maybe make them look more like buttons, or have normal menus?
  • Being able to position some simple directional lights in the editor just to get a feeling for the scene would be nice.

First off, amazing product - I really like it :)

I've noticed that rotating objects doesn't work for some assets. e.g. If I add a cube primitive and elongate it (so it's not symmetrical) the spacebar doesn't rotate it (same with the Lego cube). Other non-symmetrical assets rotate fine.

Really nice - I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work. Just one comment/suggestion. Maybe include a set of the same tiles without rounded corners - the gaps where the corners join looks a little strange to me