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Note: The PDF is unfinished and unplayable. The html file is a twine adventure with more content. See the game page for details.

Romance, Subterfuge, Assassination

Watch as Agent 47 uses his world-class assassin skills to infiltrate a dangerous hacker organization in this espionage tour de force. Here's what one viewer had to say:

"Agent 47 was able to blend so seamlessly into his environment that I sometimes forgot he wasn't who he was pretending to be. He's like a human chameleon" -Paul Graham

@Plastic Diamond I'll let you in on an Easter Egg. All of the different Dan stories tells are actually just different parts of one story that happened in the course of one day during Dan's childhood.

@BentMyWookiee Also, Gundam addiction is a serious problem. Let's hope Austin can get the help he needs. Help is out there:

I left a response for you on the other page but I figured you may not see it so I'm leaving a comment here to let you know that your kind words made my day! Thanks!

@BentMyWookiee Thanks! I had a lot of fun writing this but figured I could safely slip my credit card number into the middle of it for all the expectation I had of anyone reading it. Thanks for reading and thanks for letting me know you did. It really made my day!

Note: For anyone wondering, I didn't actually slip my credit card number into the middle of the story. The number I wrote totally belongs to somebody else.