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I  beat the game on medium settings.  It's pretty fun!

I don't have a rift to play this game with, but it looks funny.

tried to play without VR because I didn't notice it was VR.

Day 1: Walked off airship.

Day 2: Tried again. Mountain collides with airship. Almost fall off.

Day 3: My arm is tired.

Day 4: My food supplies are gone

Day 5: Am I shooting? Am I a weapon?

Day 6: I've been shot down, but survived the fall.

Day 7: Continuing on foot. At least I'm not getting shot. Why didn't I think of this sooner.

end log.


Peaky mode was fun.
The carrier (white box) to take off was too small to land on well, and the plane blocked the approach.
Fortunately you can land in the water, so I did that. I managed to get a few touch and goes on the white carrier strip, but never quite landed.
I would have liked the compass to give useful data, and perhaps have some altitude or other data to help fly with.

If anyone beats par, let me know! I've made par exactly.

And if you haven't, check the readme.txt or game page for tips on perfecting your swing. (or pressing M for Mulligan!)

Although this game lived up to it's description, the audio (at least on my system) was clipping and popping. Also, I was hoping for at least more than one tone to control, not just one tone with each hand. A little more features in this game might make it more fun to play with!

This was fun, however, my kite would sometimes reset when it was close to the ground - before it had crashed - during a super daring manuver. Perhaps give a timer before resetting so people have a chance to do more fancy stuff.
Also, a wind speed sound with varying wind speed might add a little challenge. Either way, the mechanic was nicely layed out and playable. Cheers!

interesting! Please contact me on another website with direct messaging!

Hey! I tried this out. I didn't really get motion sick, but then again, I sorta did because the horizon changes instead of just changing the boat. I got used to it. The graphics are alright, but nicest I've seen in a sailing game.

It would be nice to hear the wind running over my ears so I can judge it's direction.

(and ya know, make everything look awesome, and have a wind + cloth sim on the sail)