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doesn't work

finally got all 12 star

just great, fantastic execution

This is an incredible zine and also work of art.

also gamefeel gone too far in indie games? Everything I play I have to hold my monitor down to counteract the magnitudes of  screenshake.

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oh, how bizarre. its only a problem with a ps4 controller plugged in. seems to be working fine with anything else.
great game when my ps4 controller wasn't plugged in lol

current build seems competely broken, i can only jump once then i'm stuck on the ground.

pausing and going into settings hard locks the game.

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i can't play games that make you hold down the shift key, they hurt my hand :(

would you be able to patch in a toggle sprint option?


hm, this time i tried playing the game stopped working when i picked up the shortsword and wouldn't accept any inputs..

was in browser, i'll try the download version next.

i definitely think that jump should not be a thing if it just drains stamina for no gain, there's too many buttons already.

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current fastest time 1:35 1:31 in the box car

I'm really enjoying this, and I don't normally like racing games

i really liked this. 

haven't played a racing game with the controls all being on the stick, but it felt very natural to me

good camera when cornering, i was into having to fight a bit against the turns to maintain speed while drifting.

good job

exciting! one page is good for honing in on whats important, but its limiting,  but then breaking out of 1 page afterwards should lead to some good stuff.

great job on this.

at first i thought it was a bit op to just get reload speed (still might be tbh) then I died to the boss and was like, ah I need some movement speed too. then i started understanding the powers and realised there was a lot of smart things in this game.

the gun enemies you need to shoot also giving you back ammo is super smart. slowing down for a bit after shooting to make it a bit committal, also smart.

time to give it another go

and how do you talk to an npc? :D

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nice and crunchy, i liked jumping into helicopters.

seemed like the ground pound was fairly pointless, i wanted a reason to use i

oh no, i closed it not knowing that

looks nice, but uh... how do you jump?

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nice visuals.
I like the idea of low and high shooting, with crouching effecting that, but having to press a height, then press shoot is really quite awkward.
Might work well instead with trigger to shoot low, bumper to shoot high.
edit: playing a bit more, its very awkward that to aim high you press Y, but pressing Y when already up makes you put your gun away, means its super easy to put your gun away by accident 

is it intentional that your weapon range is only like 2 meters?

i had a real hard time with this, you need, moved so fast in slow mo that i couldn't line up any shots.

this is real nice would definitely make for some abstract exploration game. or a race game

i made it to the purple blocks in the 2nd level, didn't figure out what to, am i supposed to fly through the little holes and keep going up?
also i couldn't figure out the goal of the first level. 

will give this another go later as i'm into it

made it to the final round, then wasn't able to deal any damage to the final boss

this game's really good.
bugmeister is super cool, inspired a weapon for the game i'm currently making


love it

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part of me absolutely loves this game, and another part of me hates falling off mountains because i was waiting for green lights on a collapsing rock.

damn, this was 165 days ago

very nice, but very hard, barely made it to rghuo
having different fingers on different levels of keys broke my brain a bit too much.

I really enjoyed this game.
The movement was great, gliding landing repeating was great stuff.
The loose but fast water skiing felt fantastic once you start combining it with jumping and gliding for more precision.

I loved the bizzare aesthetic and vibes

only flaw is the movement doesn't work well with precision platforming, but there were only a couple moments when the game made you do that.

very nice, real good gamefeel to the movement in this. though i absolutely got lost after getting the sticky and iron feet, and couldn't figure it out from the map either

beautiful and weird, thanks for this creation

tutorial for how to play would be nice, i didn't understand how to use the movement and there's not much feedback on it.
faster/automatic winch when you hit the cube

this game is hilarious, especially the shark at the end

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Thank you very much :) your game is also super impressive.

having 4 of us is obviously a huge advantage. 
planning for like 2 or 3 hours straight before working felt like it helped a lot. and keeping all the first days code super clean was great, as its what everything else was based off (day 3's code was disgusting lol)

I'd highly recommend learning realtimeCSG if you're planning on doing anything 3d, it makes it so much quicker. here's a clip of it I took from our stream

i was also thinking (and also didn't discuss) having vines go down from the trap to the entrance, as people are going to be looking at the floor anyway
and making the stairs from the trap less steep, so you can actually see them from the initial start point

Thanks for the review
We've been thinking about how to lead people better into the corridor after the first trap for our next build. Just making it less open seems so obvious now you've said it haha

i updated the thread with 5 new games since making it

out of interest, do you know how many times you died?

did you join 2 game jams at once, damn.

this games hella good but i keep glitching into floor and getting soft locked