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is this game still been developed?

what was updated?

as much as i love this game i wish they added a few good ending routes hopfully will get something like that in my lovely wife

would love this game have some bonus content/part 2? as much as i love this game i think mainly because makes me think of alchemist of al revis/alter iris there just not much in replaying because all the stuff that gets carried over all youll be doing is waiting

bug so there a bug happens sometimes that crashes game with slime princess in there room at night when scrolling with new slide scene menu

i would like to know what kinda plans are going to be used for money ?seem like other then buy few basic monsters be neat if you can buy trait potions for MC or something of that or upgrade system

game been great so far just wish there was more progession in the game play it self but I get it its super early 

has anything change  since was 1st released

I remember this I thought was dead

hopefully there not enough monster girl games out there most are lesbian stories. sometimes I wish could talk to makers of some these games since I spend my free time designing creature makeup

over all think good but kinda wish 3d stuff wasn't there the 2d art looks way better

good concept similar the could medow  which is a good thing but simpler hope see more

I don't know if anyone else having this bug but in battle the animation of character are extra small an the battle locks up the game

but I do understand it was mainly for the display of mechanics.too bad my skills couldn't help in design of the game sculpting an makeup fx rarely help in game design outside concept designs

wish demo was a lot longer'

the art is great an have a lot of personality cant wait see more