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Paul Newmon

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I think is great of you to share your vast knowledge with other Devs! I know this isn't your first time doing this! Anytime Devs collaborate, us Users benefit!

You have a delightful game here!

OMG. Can't wait for that M/FFF action!

Chapter 2 was awesome!

No worries. I know Mac users are few and far between. 

Will you have a release for us MacOs users?

Can't wait to see what comes from your xxxxx-up mind! he he

Do whatever you need to do to keep motivated and working on TAB. It's a great VN.

I really enjoy this VN!

What a great VN! Love it.

I support you protecting yourself from pirates.

Thank you for the Mac version

Yes please, DO IT!

My guess is that you are getting both a higher/better reputation and making a better VN too. CeLaVie games releases are emailed to each patron, individually numbered, with a way that the Dev knows who leaked the game. It seems to have lessened the leaking.

Thank you very much for considering the needs of your followers.

I wish there was an easy way to prevent hijacking and stealing your VN.

Sounds crazy--go for it! 

Thanks for the heads up!

The last release was mind-blowing--excellent--you are a master storyteller. 

I cannot figure out how to have "The Unarchiver" open Chapter Two. Your instructions are clearly written, but I cannot figure out how to get Unarchiver to recognize that I want to use it to open C2 (or vice versa.)

I had no trouble with 5 on my Mac.

This is an excellent tale of one lucky SOB and a lot of amazing, hot females, of all ages (18 and above!)

The game is young, and I don't think it will be too inconvenient for us to go from START again.

I like her!

I agree with mommyyar!! Please get better, and when you are better, keep us informed. 

I care. I wish you the best of mental and physical health. Thank you for what you have made for us, and I look forward to anything else you can make.

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Having you ever hear of the expression, To cut off your nose to spite your face?

The 'light WT" sounds perfect! Thanks for bringing it to your awesome VN.

Does your brother make VNs?

This VN will captivate you! There is a lot going on and it has a pace that forces you to yearn for the next release! The story is brilliant.

I like the story and the pacing is perfect.

Is it wrong to want to hug her too?

I have to agree about the 'too many' characters--although they are all fun! And take care of your bottom line, so you can keep producing VNs.

Thanks for the update! It sounds awesome