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Paul Acanthus

A member registered Nov 30, 2019

Recent community posts

Really amusing game. I don't regret trying it. Perfect for killing time while waiting for the bus. 

Hello, dear Killer7! I just woke up and checked for your new update. I'm downloading meanwhile I take my coffee! This is going to improve my shift at work today. 馃

Thank you for your hard work! 

Hi! I just played your game and loved it. 

I'll be following you progress 馃憤

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Man, you are working hard on this! Loved last update. I chuckle a lot with those no-doorbell and empty streets meta-jokes. Of course, you got me with the end of 0.8 prank lol. 

I like the way Sandra looks confident with the protagonist. 

Excellent work, as usual! 

Thanks, man! I'll enjoy playing through the game again. I can't wait to find out awhat happened to Tanja. Everyone deserves a second chance 馃憣

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Oh, man... I feel bad for Tanya 馃槥

Please, keep the good work 馃憤

Me too

This is the kind of stuff I like to play when I'm high.

Thanks for your new release. Sandra looks great in this new version. I can see you improved your HStudio skills 馃憣

It's looking good so far. Please, keep the good work! 馃嵒

Happy holidays! I can see there's a lot of us who like your visual novel. I'm glad you are successful! 

Hi! I just played your game, and I must say i like it.  I'd like to play a finished version someday, so, I'm going to throw a few bucks into this project. Keep the good work!