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Pattern Blue

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I'm already making a game with your other cozy assets and I was thinking "it would be perfect to have a library and a run-down interior and a train, but that's okay I will make due without them", and them BAM! You come out with this AMAZING new pack. I'm buying it right away. So excited to use these new assets.

Does this pack include all the icons from the bundle, but at 32x32 size?

I really like the 'chat battles',    that's really unique, and I love that tea is the currency you have to spend on it ^_^. I would have liked the gossip to be tougher to make me have to go back to the faerie world and get more tea, or maybe just give less tea to start off with.  I had fun with the monster battles so I wanted a reason to go do more of them. The three knights' powers were fun to  use and complemented each other well, and it was always exciting to see that I had powered up enough to use a super move!

A suggestion  for polish I be to   use SumRndmDde's Character Creator EX, which also creates all the SV battlers for you, then use a plugin to allow SV battlers for enemies in the battle scene. That way, when you gossip with students, the person in the battle scene matches the person in the map scene.

Overall, I hope you make more chapters in the future !

Beautiful! I can already get some ideas for how to use some of these in the project I'm planning. The art style of this whole collection is so charming and memorable, I love it!

This looks really beautiful! 

I am very interested to know more about the Unity post-processing. How did you get the SGB game files into Unity?