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I just want to share with You my last game that I was working on for last few months. 

Its turn-based dungeon crawler game, firstly based on games like The Binding of Isaac and Heroes of Might and Magic mix, but it has evolved to something like it.

I think Android version is better choice, becouse it will be supported better I think, but I will try to keep desktop version up to date, too.

I have decided to use free assets provided by (found it on btw) and more modified ui elements.

That is not extremaly big game, but I think its worth to check if You like games like that.

Greetings, Patryk Sukiennik

Yes, Im not so good in balancing a gameplay difficulty, I will try to figure it out. 

Thank You for checking it and feedback, Its realy nice! 

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Hi, I have recently developed a game using mainly your assets, absolutely love your work.

I would be very happy if You take a look: