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I, uh, hmmm...don't think I'll top this.

You are a monster in every sense of the word, holy cow.

There will be a moment where you figure out exactly how to time the headbutts and the game will get way more manageable.

Hey everybody, it's yer boy Patrick, number 1 ranked GOAT player in the entire world. I started playing and liked it but got obsessed with getting my name on the leaderboard after someone left a really bad slur on it (you should, uh, probably be on the lookout for that) and knew I needed to knock it off. Then I knew I had to knock Verbante off the number 1 spot.

Boom. Next goal is 10,000 then I can retire with my name in the history books as the true GOAT.

My high score is 190.

The .exe doesn't seem to work on it's own. I get the error message:

"There should be 'Octopia_Data'

folder next to the executable"