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simplemente goty del año.


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Pollo Horacio > Todos los juegos de ps5.

I loved a good game, it has good graphics and playability, great job!!!

Very good implementation really innovative, good game but it is a bit monotonous after a while of playing, but on the other hand good work !!

good fun game, but at first I didn't understand the controls. But for everything else good !!

good game, but I feel that the movement of the characters is a bit heavy and they look very small compared to the background

the concept is good, but the difficulty is a bit difficult but it is enjoyable

the game looks good it has potential but there is a lot of inconsistency in the graphics and the controls are a bit rough, but for everything else it continues like this!

juego muy bueno pero hay veces que estresa , igual la musica calma un poco ;) 

thanks you !!

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gracias muchisimas

Thanks for the feedback, in the future maybe I can put sounds on it;)

douu epico

I liked the game, good graphics and juice, but the graphics card I don't think is happy...


Thanks for the comment, I already had the feeling that they could be confused but I did not have testers when I made the game


gracias por el feedback lo tomare en cuenta si es que actualizo el juego ;)

thanks for the comment and feedback ;)


hola , estoy buscando a alguien que haga musica o sonidos para el juego.  si quieres contactarme te dejo mi discord


douuu epico juego realmente epico y muy hacker muy hacker pero le falta mas dificultad y eso la baja pero es hacker muy

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bastante epico realmente epico y hacker muy hacker y imposiblemente hacker

Gracias :D

epico juego 

I put all my effort to make it epic 😎😎

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son chilenos????

so good

I got the game out in a hurry, that's why some bug and design problem escaped me, when the jam is finished I'm going to make a new version with everything I wanted at first, thanks for the feedback !!

thank you for the feedback

thanks for the comment, I'll keep that in mind when I take out the new version after the jam

I'll be doing a remake of the game, coming soon new update!!

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hello, I'm looking for some music if you want to contact me I leave my discord and instagram.

Instagram :

discord : JosePatos#6954


Thank you very much for your comment!!

Thanks you for feedback!!

thank you!! , I take note 👍

Thanks 😁😁