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What is the in-game crypto mining system?


No Steam/PC release? Come ooon. I don't have (nor desire to get) Facebook privacy-stealing devices. Let the free people play your game too!

How did you search the body? I approached it and could not search him this time. On the previous patch I could do it (VR version).

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Now I could take the time to properly play the game. A few questions:
1 - I noticed I can now insert a cassette tape on my wrist device and play it. And I can press the eject button and the cassette will be exposed. But I cannot retrieve it from the device to insert another cassette tape. Is there any way to do so?

2 - Is there any way to sprint? The player walks too slowly. I played Seeking Dawn and they implemented a very interesting mechanism: walking is just pressing the thumbstick, but if you swing your arms, you run. Feels very natural, since the game already has swinging arm for a mechanic, can it be made to run?

3 - Is there any quest in the world that can be completed right now? As of now, I still feel alone in the world, and I could not see any dialogues that could give me something to do. I confess haven't played much of this new patch yet, so I would like to know if there is anything I can do for any NPC -- world takes a long time to explore.

4 - The shooting range makes the player waste ammonition. Maybe it would be best to at least have some free ammo there? Or maybe weapons locked to that room that don't spend ammo?

5 - Is there any way to change brightness/contrast? I know the game is made to be dark and sinister, but there are times when I cannot see anything -- maybe it's my headset, but I reckon other people might have this problem.

6 - Any idea on when we would be able to save the game? Starting from scratch every time is tedious.

Amazing work. I am anxious to have a few quests to solve to make a proper review of the game and divulge this extraordinary game.

Having a non-VR version will certainly expand the public and contribute to the commercial success of the game.

Hello! Your game looks fantastic. I wonder if it would be possible for me to get a review copy? This might seem odd, but I want to run your game on Linux - and I think it will probably work. I am writing articles for boilingsteam - like this one: and I would love to have the priviledge of early review on Linux.

among us, please. With a Linux binary?

It doesn't work with other headsets? If I start SteamVR and try to play the oculus version with my Index, will it work?


It seems a good game but I can't buy it because there is no Linux version...