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Thank you! I'm hoping to get back to this game this year but we'll see!

I love beppus


Baseball clothes are kinda sick, might be cool to have baseball hats or those kinda striped jerseys in there somewhere! 

I've also been thinking after I've played for a bit that the player doesn't stand out that much from the rest of the level could maybe be worth thinking about making your color stand out a bit?


Impressive! Thank you for trying it :)


Thank you so much! :)

Super good!!! That switch is a great addition, I love how you used it in so many ways! I'm trying to think of things I don't like but I can't really think of anything. Maybe that the physics don't exactly behave as I expect when swinging from a ceiling but I don't see that as a flaw since it doesn't get in the way or anything. I'm looking forward to all these updates just great job!

So good! Feels really good and fun to mess with! I'm gonna try to beat your time but right now my best is 44.63

This is great feedback! There is a sound and a little white flash when the bubble is ready but it seems I need to make them more noticeable! I've been thinking about more movement options actually and that's not a bad idea at all! Also the camera thing is in there, it moves a little ahead of you but seems like that needs to be cranked up as well! 

Thanks for the kind words!

Thank you! The slopes are a bit janky for sure I will definitely try to make them better!

Try going to the right! The whole level is accessible even without the tricky wall jumps! Joystick and key bindings are on the add list. Haven't thought about variable bubble speed depending on how long you hold but it could be interesting! I've thought about adding an accessibility option with stuff similar to that though!

So good!! Really neat concept, great sound, juicy menus, fun progression, cool everything!

Man, I love how crazy this can get! Managed to crash my game haha. Good job!

Omg thank you! <3

thank you so much! really glad you enjoyed it!

this was so cool! really short but really sweet


hell yea

maybe someday

thank you! you can pause the game to go back to the menu with escape when you want to try again

thank you so much! when you die you can press escape to pause and go back to the menu to start over

it's not impossible but it's probably too hard