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This is so good!

I don't know if it works for OQ2, I haven't touched this project in awhile. It was made in Unity.

It's impressive to get this running on PICO-8 but what I like the most about this game is how it takes its own spin on Doom, that has a unique feel. Very cool.

Ridiculous level of polish. A+

Agreed. This is an experience I literally can't get anywhere else. Would love to see the concept refined and polished.

This game is magnificent. Looking forward to future updates!

Aaaaa I've been planning on making a game very similar to this I love it

Thank you, I would love to do that sometime! We'll see.

gosh, girls really are great


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You suck at facts

I know, I know, "The liberal media!!!!!!" Cuz why think when you can shout nonsense

I'm sorry, was it not politically correct enough for you

People often defend the rich because they want to believe they themselves will be rich someday. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but,

Thanks for mentioning the keybind BTW, I just uploaded an image for mouse/keyboard controls

Awesome! Glad I could help :)

Hey there! I haven't posted a detailed list, just the generic one on the main page. Here's a more detailed list, I hope it's helpful:

Detailed trigger warning list [includes spoilers]






Physical violence
Child abuse
Survival sex work
Dissociative amnesia
Racist microaggressions

Trigger community · Created a new topic Bug Reports

Hey everybody! This is my first commercial release and I'm sure there are some lingering bugs in the game, especially since I didn't get to test on Linux. If you encounter any bugs or glitches, don't post here—send me an email at I can't check these forums regularly, so if you post bugs here I probably won't see them.

~ Amy