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Hola. La respuesta rápida es: no hay planes para traducir este juego al Español, al menos de nuestra parte. La respuesta larga a continuación.

Si bien una persona del equipo (quien escribe) es nativa, generalmente no traduzco al español porque no tengo tanta experiencia, como es el caso de traducir al Inglés. Además, no me gusta el hecho de que no haya una forma standard de traducción que se acomode a todo el mundo hispano-hablante. Por ejemplo, al momento de tener que usar modismos de Latino America, esto molesta al lector de España (y viceversa);  o incluso algo tan simple como usar frases de algún país en específico, como México o Argentina, hace "ruido". De hecho, a mi incluso me hace ruido ver traducciones que usan los modismos de mi país, razón por la cual se me dificulta traducir al Español sin sentir que hay problemas con lo que escribo.

Si usted tiene interés, o conoce a alguien que desee traducir este juego, o tiene interés en proponer este juego a un equipo que hace localizaciones al Español, siéntase libre  de usar esta traducción como base. Lo que sí le pido por favor,  es que primero se le comunique la idea al autor, para pedir permiso antes de iniciar el trabajo. Si el autor tiene interés en que haya una traducción les otorgará su permiso, e incluso puede que les agradezca. En nuestro caso el autor hizo un dibujo para cada uno de los miembros del equipo de traducción, con algo característico de cada uno de sus países (mi caso siendo

Con suerte esto responde su pregunta. Lamento mucho no poder ofrecerle una alternativa en Español para disfrutar de este juego.

You're welcome! I'm glad my advice worked out in the end.

Hello, apologies for the delayed response.

It appears that the software you are using for extracting the file is having problems handling it. I asked around and even extracted the files myself using 7-zip, and I did not encounter any issues. Some people have told me they have been having issues with extracting files after a Windows Update, so perhaps this is related to that. However, keep in mind that, since I could not replicate the problem, I am unable to confirm this theory.

In any case, I would recommend trying another software for extracting the file. Hopefully this will solve your problem.

Please do write again if you're still unable to play the game!

Try changing RPG_RT compatibility to windows7.

That's okay, it's not your problem but apparently something with the engine itself that makes videos to freeze randomly. Anyways, I'm glad it works now, and thank you for playing!

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Just to clarify, do you play it on pc or phone? Also, you did unpack all the game from the rar archive, right?

Sorry for the late response, did you manage to solve the problem? Also, did you unpack the game before playing?

Try this version (just transfer your saves from the bugged one to the same folder).

Did you unpack the game from the archive?

Download one of the older Joiplay versions from here, the last one is broken

When exactly does this happen?

The games are still being reuploaded by fans, you can get them here:

Do you have winrar program installed? If no, download it, then unpack the archive.

Updated to version 1.04!

-Various typos, mistranslations, and inconsistencies have been fixed 

-Song lyrics are easier to read 

-Pistol Granny’s shop logo is now in English

On the phone, you mean? Some phones tend to pick the images from unpacked folders (like music albums or manga) and make them visible in their galleries, it's probably depends in which directory you do download all the stuff. Just check the file path of the images, if it goes to the game directory, it's fine.

Updated to version 1.03!

-No longer need to install the Japanese RTP to play

-There’s now an English title logo 

-Fixed some grammatical errors


Oh, I see. Well then, not a big deal.

Btw, I may be mistaken, but upon inspecting the air conditioner the mc says something like "4.xxxxxxx degrees is to hot", while there should be "too hot". If only I got it right, of course.

So far the game looks really nice and the music is pretty charming. However, for some reason I'm experiencing a heavy fps drop after getting outside the house, and the sounds stop too. Haven't checked it on pc though, I was playing on joiplay, but it's the first time I experience such a problem in rmaker games. Too many animations, probably? 

If only we knew Indonesian lol

Check the Android installation instructions. Not sure it will work on a tablet though.

Thank you too, for helping us make the series popular! As for the content - yeah, tk3 is the most lighthearted entry in the series. Check out 2, 1, and Fury, and rest assured, you'll find everything you need in there (honestly, I'm not even sure we'll even upload Fury in here due to its content, lol).

Hi. Try downloading this version and transfer your saves there, it should work fine.

How to play on Android:

1. Get the Joiplay emulator from or from Google Store.

2. Download the game and unpack it (remember the location).

3. Launch the Joiplay, press on the button marked with "+". In the "Executable File", choose the "Game.exe" file in the game's unpacked folder. Then press "Add", and then the game should be playable.


Not sure about iphones, though.

Hi, I presume there's a problem with the movies. Can you try this version and tell us, if the problem persists? (Just transfer save files from "www/saves" folder to the same one in the older version).

Hi. Can you please transfer the saves from the current version to this one, give it a try, and tell if everything works fine?

Sure, there's a walkthrough text file in the game's archive.

09.05.2022 - added missing subtitles to the 2nd ending movie + minor text changes to the sofa scene video.

Linux version was added to the download links. Tell us if it works fine pls.

MAJOR UPDATE: "Better later than never" edition!

The lowres movies in the game were replaced with the ones of high resolution and better quality! 

Please, check the links for the new version.

Just found out that people experience problems with newer joiplay versions, though I'm not sure if it's the same problem you have. Anyway, check out this thread and try to install the older joiplay builds:

This error seems like related to html, I have no clues how this could be related to the rmaker project at all Oo 

Have you tried reinstalling the emulator and unpack the game to other location?

1. Did you put the game's folder in the C disk, or somewhere near the system folders probably (the ones that do require administrator permission)? Try to move it to disk D, or (in case you have only one disk) to one of the user folders (Downloads, Documents etc.)

2. Did you unpack the game from the archive before playing?

Have you unpacked the game from the archive before adding it to the emulator?

You aren't launching the game from the archive, right? Did you unpack it?

09.03.2022 - Statue room game over screen untranslated fix + Rosalia Lombardo reference added to the ReadMe

Oops, sorry for that, this is gonna be fixed. As for the text, Shuni says there "Huh...? This is a completely different place..."

Thank you for the stream, too!