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Patchwork Princess

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Thanks for staying with us 😊 At this point, it's hard to say. But it's not 100% off the table! Currently, though, there are no future plans.

Awww, thank you! We're still hard at work to make Square One the best it can be! ☆

Hello! Thanks for entering Maximum Monster Month 2! As a reminder, updating your game during the voting period violates the rules of our jam. As you should have seen when you submitted, 

Once the jam submission period ends, you are not allowed to push any further updates to your entry without express permission.

Please note that your entry has been judged based on the original version of the game.

Hi there! I had to remove your submission to Maximum Monster Month! 2 because it does not follow our jam's rules. Thanks for your interest.

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Thank you so so much—hopefully it was a good cry! We're doing our best to get the game out as soon as we can~ ★

Thank you! Happy to hear it ★

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This is a Ludum Dare game, so it's a little short because it was made in 72 hours! It is a full, completed game. :)

Extremely promising game with a unique premise and gorgeous art. Definitely one to keep an eye on!

Thank you for your interest! The game will only be in English as of right now. We'll let you know if that changes. ★

Yay! We're really happy to hear that you loved it so much! We'll work really hard to bring the full game to everyone as soon as possible. ★

Thank you so much for playing the rest, and we're glad to have your support! ★

Thank you so much for playing and posting your video! Your bits of commentary were very amusing. We hope you love the rest of the game! ★

This will be a visual novel with choices and more than one ending.  ★

At this current moment in time we don't have an exact release date. Everyone on the team has a demanding schedule and job commitments, so we're doing our best. What I can say is that we'll post updates in the devlogs as we make progress! ★

Thanks for playing and leaving a great review; we're glad you enjoyed the game! ★

Amazing game with a lot of potential. This game feels like a love letter to Hakuoki (in a great way). Good luck on Kickstarter!

We'll keep you posted. Also, it's fun to spend time talking to everyone. We're visual novel lovers just like you so it's great to be part of a community! ★

Thank you so very much for playing! We're glad you love the game (and Patchy!) ★

THANK YOU!! No, really, thanks for going to such lengths to tell us how you felt about the game. We're really happy. ★

Thanks for playing and leaving such a great comment! We hope to bring everyone the full game as soon as we can! ★

We're super flattered by your kind review. Thanks for playing! We'll do our best to make your proud with the full game! ★

Thanks for your feedback! We'll look into it ★

Thanks for sharing your kind words and experiences, and we hope you love the full game once it's out! ★

You posted your playthrough on Youtube? That's awesome; we're honored. Thanks for playing and leaving a great review. You rock ★

Thank you so, so much for your wonderful review! We're grateful for your support and hope to delight you with the full game! ★

Thank you for your praise and support! ★

Hello SomeFire,

Thanks for your entry! From this point on, all updates must be approved by us before being pushed through, as the submission period is now closed. Please contact us first before uploading any further updates. Thanks for participating! ♥

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Hello! While we're excited about your cute entry, as a general rule, game jams are supposed to be for free (noncommercial) works. Please set your game to either free or "pay what you wish" for the duration of the voting period (until 12/17) in order to be eligible to compete.

Hello XavierDD1st,

I had to remove your submission to the Maximum Monster Month! game jam because it does not comply with our rules.

The game is not functional in its current state. It cannot be advanced further than a few lines of dialog.

I encourage you to revise and update the game in order to resubmit by the deadline.


Patchwork Princess

Hello nyakochan,

I had to remove your submission to the Maximum Monster Month! game jam because it does not comply with our rules (even though it looks absolutely lovely! ♥).

Reason: your entry was published before the jam started.

I do wish you the best of luck in the future!


Patchwork Princess