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I intend to purchase it in just a moment, if you are reading this now then it might be later today or so, lol!

I am eager to make my game with this, i attempted to make this in godot but i guess i was too eager, so your engine and bundle is just what i needed, for which i thank you for creating.


Your game will be played. And it will be loved.

The game gives me "Avenging spirit" vibes, it's a old platformer where a ghost had to possess other people and save a girl that is the daughter of a powerful scientist.

Thank you for teaching me!

You  genius..

I will tell you that the scripting is a little different compared to gml but it is not too hard to understand!

i'm excited to tell you that i intent to make a dokimon game, i am using godot and it's coming along well, i intend to purchase all your assets.

I like the art, and I will use this in my Godot project.  I will be sure to credit you as thanks!


boi, make this game!

if you need one of mine feel free to yoink it from one of my rpg maker games

As a realm master i can honestly say that most enemies of endra deserve a good whack across the bloody head.

your welcome my bro

i should have my online game up soonish myself i have a older version but i believe i will be really making this game far better.

This game is shaping up well! Keep it coming mang!

if you want to and you have game maker studio 2 i am stating up a endra platformer game jam in june!  No direct prizes but everyone that joins earns a playable level and character in game!

I love it!

just remember.. The Realm Master is always NEAR BY...

I loved how simple yet inspiring it was. The bathroom level had me laughing my head off. Well done Ash

This game i am working on is going to be one of the rewards, I tried to make it work as best as possible so let's hope there will be some last-minute entries

she loves pizza! she might give you bat hugs for that.

Karl is Sion's cooler tempered twin, and He has a pet bat named Screechy.

it'll be pretty crazy!

it's a maze game! :D

oh, i think you will get a charge out of it!

I'm not changing the deadline but I will be making a special "thank you" game for all those that submitted

a game to the game jam.   Along with those that joined and yet to produce a game. (I understand if you are new to game development.)

But delay no longer as in a week or two the deadline will come upon us!

i got a extra edible pancake hat you can eat instead.

I can extend the deadline to march but I expect you guys to have your submissions done soon,  I might take off my submission and submit something better.  If you need more time, that is fine, let's not rush on this jam, it';s meant to be fun, not a slog fest of a chore.

Can't really complain, i am working on a platformer and it's coming along well

Er, that is on the back burner, and it would of taken 1 gigabyte or more to upload it, would of had a fit if i did, so i am using godot for my major project

you do what you can buddo, don't rush on my account,  just take it easy, would you believe i am making a endra platformer? i was getting tired of making rpgs!

you done well, my friend, i laughed at quite a few  events in the game, this game was worthy of a replay and a play again for no apparent reason!

my god.. it's perfect! i laughed, i cried, i ate dinner, and took a nap for a while, then played some more, sheer brilliance

well you can use what you want, these are just suggestions for beginners.

we are a quiet lot, hope that’s fine