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well you can use what you want, these are just suggestions for beginners.

we are a quiet lot, hope that’s fine 

you guys can join my discord server here, we are quiet but we are friendly! 

I have a discord server, I will post it in a new post, we are a quiet lot on my server but we are friendly!

In case if I wasn't clear (sometimes I forget...) You all may use any engine you want.  I want you all to be comfortable with what you are working with.  (It takes me like 5 months to show any interest in other engines, but I will not lie, Unreal and smile game builder along with rpg developer bakin are the great ones!) If you need help with finding a engine feel free to ask Amalgamash, Me,  or Denis  for help.

I don't recommend using a engine that you are not very good at.

some free to use engines:

Construct 3

Game maker studio 2 (you can also pay a small monthly fee of 4.99$ for free assets and more neat stuff!)

Unity 3d



Adventure game studio (a personal favorite!)

Unreal Engine 

I am eager to see the full game!  I see little reason to hate something that has a lot of effort into it.  Your doing fine!

The game was short, cute and well thought out! I loved the little nods to amalgamash and Jagonz

no problem

Reaching so hard that he's stretch armstrong.

your fine buddo! lore comic :o

Where would the fun be in that? I'm going to keep my word for everyone that joins this jam, i'll try my best to make art for you all that entered.

just for funsies.

just wait until you see mine

I don't want to be a unreasonable sort but i don't think i am asking for a whole lot to follow a theme, lol

I recently received a submission  that was off theme, you lot might of seen it.

I hold no grudges or foul intent with the submitter that submitted the game in question: "Dark DeceptioN"

I'm afraid we cannot accept that game on the terms that  the dev in question was using assets that where not his.

I strongly urge you all to make your own assets and use my own characters.

Thank you!

Np buckaroo!

Aqua DOES have a tail but she wears pants that often hides it and in smile game builder the subject never was a big issue since i wasn't going to bother to add a tail for all my cat characters, you can add tails if you want but you don't really have to.

I think it's up to par! Either way, don't worry about it, just have fun and go crazy on it.

I would like to see everyone’s progress on their projects!

Count on it

a very good ref! looks similar to my Babble.

it looks pretty fun! I'll give it a play asap!

some of my characters feel free to copy.

Very nice!

I'm sure it'll be a real great game! :D

(1 edit)

I hereby tell all those that joined this game jam that you may make your games in any style you want.

I'm more of a first person dungeon crawler/rpg nerd along with deltarune and earthbound lover, not to mention final fantasy.

I ask that you have fun with your games and let the creative juices flow through your brain and body like ... Something that flows!!

I would like you all to list your main characters in this thread if that is okay so i can eagerly add them to the universe in my next rpg.

(All credit goes to you guys that made said characters)

This is perfectly allowed.  Bare in mind you can create your own: races, magic artifacts and own style of game you do not have to make it into a rpg.

yep, and darkand too

Don't worry too much about theme and all that, I give you all full rights to use my characters.

There is nothing to fret about.  as for a main villain try to remember a person or a bad guy that you really didn't like and would love to beat up, but instead of you beating up that bad guy, your characters are.

thank you for playing.

i liked the art and the character design is pretty neato

i liked the decoration system, reminded me of final fantasy 11.

i was meaning to fix that, i forgot all about it, i'll update a fix asap.

always happy to support you guys!

a hot little take that had my day brightened!

it is well made and had me deeply engaged.

i laughed until I cried, I died by means of truck. I then had dinner, then I played some more because it was awesome!

just picture what I will make with bakin! Bwahahahaha!

very stylish and pretty cool in both game play and art style

I liked the nods to final fantasy tatics