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Is the top right room solvable?

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One more thing, Target Shoving leads to the wrong link.
Long Range Shots and Two by Two by Two by Two are 404 too. As is Invisible Pusher, and Self-Lens Zoom.
"Stick to the plan" leads to a 404, and the page name is "spin me right round".

yep, thanks!

google doc isn't public

I've always loved this gimmick of soko-interaction-at-a-distance, good take on it

A dash of Corrypt, a dash of Braid...

Good luck!

Getting keybinding done is always a huge relief!

oh god why

And done! A win with all five colours, over the span of two days. Red and green were a winstreak of 2, and 3/5 of the wins were without using any orbs. The chaos of the final fight is so much fun - somehow it feels fair even though it really shouldn't be. It seems like you need huge nukes so that the healers are distracted and you can finish things off with bite. Doing a win without Bite seems possible but very hard (including a win without orbs and without Bite).

Some bugs I noticed while playing: 'by the eletricity' typo, if you're white you still stop each two tiles when w+dir navigating over ice (the other dangerous terrain types might have the same bug), pressing v prints no message even though there might be no visual effect. It'd also be nice to have a warning if you're about to use a skill that couldn't possibly hit anything (like a breath directed into a wall) and have mouse controls, but it's understandable those might be tricky features to add to such an old game.

Overall a rare 'dragon gender euphoria' kind of game and the themeing is very strong, and a coffee break sized microcosm of roguelike tactics and strategy. Thanks for making!

I had this recommended to me by my brother - short and sweet, has the DCSS feeling of 'randomly you're put in a terrible situation, figure it out'. It's very interesting and entertaining that the final level is winnable, because at first glance it looked obviously impossible. Going to see if I can get a win with every other colour now.

oh god

I got stuck on this one but the twist as usual is great

So cursed. The difficulty has increased a lot, too. There's so much to think about in this set of mechanics.

Love this, it's like a cursed Baba idea come to life and the puzzle difficulty got suprisingly high!

A good giggle

Birb gaming

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(spoiler break)

(spoiler break...)

(spoiler break...)

1) Figure out what you can mark.

2) Figure out what keys could mark that.

Chess Battle Advanced.

'Trapdoor maze' is a reference to Deadly Rooms of Death (DRoD), where an entire archetype of puzzles is 'a bunch of tiles you can only step on once; step on all of them'. In this context, the darker blots are like multi-step trapdoors, and the logic for 'how to traverse them' is still deeply related.

I'm going to feel really smart when I figure this out

I can't really explain what I did but I definitely did it

Oh I forgot to comment when I beat this. I learned some deep secrets of the universe about trapdoor mazes when I finally proved this possible.

I ninja hotfixed it, three people (including you) reported it simultaneously. Thanks!

Love me a comic book style puzzle! It's like Framed but it's doing its own thing, and the art is intensely cute.

*starts an argument in the comments* it's still funny if it's employed well (with purpose, rather than to be lolrandom)

Brilliant idea!

It is interesting how the ungainlyness of a knight hides key moves in plain sight.

Thanks! My Confounding Calendar 2023 entry will be easy, look forward to it in December.

If you don't mind using the `prompt` function, I came up with a solution for Godot HTML5 exports that I've posted here:

I played this on an Android phone X years ago and loved how unusual it was. They don't make them like this anymore indeed!

OH, yes. This is the super secret feature where secret ending acquisition only resets on a meta-restart or new game, so bored superplayers can try to chain together as many secret endings in one run as possible and have a single screenshot as proof.


Let me know if you think you got them by mistake; I can look into if there's a bug.

Why not give it a go?

Thanks for playing, I'm very pleased with the reception!

Fun and intriguing mechanics and a very tight scope that's well explored for gamejam scope. I was getting tired of standard Cheese Banquets!

Thank you! If you like this kind of time travel nonsense, follow me; I'll be releasing a new puzzle game in a month or two.

Teal Knight beat and enjoyed this! He says there's likely cheese in the final room (as there's an easy and a hard way to do it) but I don't have any screenshots/footage of it atm

Good luck with Battle Tower Royale, BynaryFission!