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Oh thanks!  We are very glad that you liked the game.  4 kb of pure healthy fun! 🐻🐝🍯

Thanks Saberman!

Thanks for your comment.  Cheers! 🐻

Thank you !!!

Great version of Pacman! I have noticed that there is a bug in the score when you eat the ghosts. On the screen it says 200, but he added 400. If he eats 400, then he adds 800 and so on. Thanks !

The music is excellent and the amount of enemies on screen is amazing.

Thanks TND !!!

Truly a very well done game, both in gameplay and in graphics and music. Excellent work !👍

En ocasiones tuve la suerte de tocar todos los cubos en orden y logrando Combo en todos!!! Eso se merece un "outstanding" con 10 puntos tal vez ? 😀🤩

Excellent work and first game for C64! Very funny 😃

Excelent ! good work ! very funny 

Thanks !

Thank you for your comments! Uctumi's music gives the game itself a high score. The scene is more alive than ever and this is our humble contribution. We hope to do many more and improve every time. We are motivated by these good comments, thank you very much! 🛴🕹

Super entretenido, la música genial ! Bravo !!!

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very cool puzzle game!

It might be a good challenge for Cabygame, Thanks!

Thanks for your feedback!

Thank you very much for the gameplay! very well played! :)

Thank you Richard ! it was a lot of fun doing it. Thanks for your feedback and for playing it!