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precious precious boyo 🥹💗

sooo adorbs !! i love this character sm :33 

wooo i love this game & i'm so excited for extra content !! <3

aaaa yet another banger from rachel !! i love the art style n aesthetic of your games so much, and this storyline was super interesting :0🥞

i finally understand why all my friends tell me never to go into hospitality now lol because THAT WAS STRESSFUL AS HELL /lh

oh my gosh, awesome! i loved this demo so much when i first played it and i'm glad to see it's still in development. the new art style is gorgeous too! excited to see where this goes! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و 

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this game is just ADORABLE!! i absolutely love the art style & music, plus momo is so wholesome!! i'm looking forward to seeing more of this project :D

ow, wow i am so emotional (;´д`)♡

the art and outfits are so cute and the plot has me cryin in the club

aww, so adorable! i can't wait to see more :D

aww, so cute!

you guys always make the best games ^V^

what a fun short journey!

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i always love ur games' characterisation/designs and gameplay style !! 

i think the only frustrating thing here was- because the frame rate is so low, some actions are delayed and it's really hard to input the number combination in time.

other than that, the storyline was really unique and i hope u continue to make awesome games like this :D

ohhh thank you SO much!! :>>

aaaa this whole game was so good hngg T-T

the art style was just gorgeous and the gameplay was pretty unique n fun!!


gosh, the cyclic narrative and metaphorical title askdjcnjsdfn i love <3

i wanted to trust winnie soooo much and i'm glad the pals ended up working things out in the end :sob sob:

it's so wholesome that they share the same core memories!!

and when winnies says the beast actually "looks kinda cute up close" haha!

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aww this is soooo cute !! and kinda stressful.. haha.. ;u; petting the cat was a nice touch tho ^v^

i always love ur games, they're so comforting :D

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spoilers !!

i'm not sure how to get the other endings besides the distorted one, because i can't finish the minigame in time ;v; i'm clicking on everythinggg but the game was still rlly pretty n fun !! :3

this game was so fun!! i love love love the art style and unique gameplay :3

 i wont him

omg, i know i'm super late, but this game was awesome!! i love the artstyle and this type of rpg gameplay, i'm so impressed that this was made in a month! <3

aww this demo is so cute! will it ever be updated? :>

spoilers warning!

awww! i love this lil AU, when i realised mc was haruka i was shooketh i tell you. and i had a hunch the wolf would be spica! ur games always bring serotonin into my day <33

this game looks super promising! i'm excited to see what comes of it :D

this was so entertaining!! and the sprites were really funny hehe, i love the cute artwork <3

ajdnckjasndf this game is sooo cute i bawled TvT i love dolchio n all his pals, plus the artwork is super comfy feelin <33


and the plot twist was rlly good! hehe, the real king is so chill 😎

ajsncksdnf this was so cute!! the textures and art are amazing :D

aaa i love strawberry sm!! all the endings are rlly neat too :0

wow, i don't even know where to start, this whole ride was fantastic! 

all the art and sprites look unique and lovely, i love the game design + mechanisms and even though this revolved around deep and touching topics, the comedy still hits right! plus the interactions with familiars are so precious asdcjasdjnfm

and the soundtrack, GOD the soundtrack 😫 it suits the atmosphere and theme so well!!

dude thank u sm for this <33

omg this is so cute and the writing style is lovely!! <3

omgg ur so underrated!! i love this entire series & the references to buff bear and elliot <33

the artwork for this game in particular, plus the AMAZINGLY unique gameplay (i've rlly never seen anything like it, the mc textures blend in so well!) really impressed me :D

that hit the spot!! short n funni ;D

1. i really like graham & zeke! zeke cuz he's huggable and graham cuz he's.. slappable?

2. probably ine actin' like an extraterrestrial :P

3. yes pls!! <3

ohh this is SO cute!! i'm so pumped for more :D

aaaaa i love this game sm!! instruments AND cute boys? totally my vibe 😌 lookin out for more! :D

aww i always love the humour in these! :D

pls do!! <3

really entertaining!! i love the art, characterisation and i can tell a bunch of work was put into this game :D

the secrets & extras were so neat too!

really atmospheric music and friendly vibes <3

thanks for reminding me of good times!!

rainy day, baking bread & waiting for a date are my favourites ^v^

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aaaa this game was so fantastic n funny!! i can't believe it was made in a month. definitely going into my high favourites :D


- nini and rika are so cute!! <3

- i loved the character sprites and filter textures!! they're so unique

- i think the deaths were really interesting n fun to collect!

- the uno reverse at the end caught me so off guard, haha. but it was oddly satisfying after everything that happened to john :]

- and oh goodness that omegaverse book scene TvT rip booktree's sanity

um, i kinda did run into a few problems tho...

when chase and his ghosts are in the playroom during rika & nini's confession scene, he walks up to chase, blocks his way and then i couldn't move after the cutscene ended so i had to use a previous save file and shoo him out of the room beforehand haha.

also, when chase dies from the clown chair pressing the pink mushrooms, i was able to sorta drag his dead body around until the "bad end" page came up heh!

but these were pretty small things and quite entertaining to experience tbh :))

overall, thank you for such an amazing game!! ^v^