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Interesting game, but no mods or map editor .. :X

- Controls stuck and impossible to respawn if you jump on platform which is going down.. :X

- Expected mouse cursor to be bigger

Anyway, game is intereting :)

Mouse controls is like for flight simulator.. :X

I think game easy even without upgrades

Won at first try. EASY :D
It was so obvious.. he will try to attack from front or back..

Can't see download button or image :X

Doont have leap motion device :D
So ill better wait for metal detecting game..

Tried to create myself, but stuck with 3d models.. :X

Now I can turn off SEGA and put "Fatal Labyrinth" game on the shelf :)

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Interesting, but map is too big .
And maybe its the reason game looks unfinished.

"I wanted to see if I could expose the significance of actually killing something, and the consequences of death that videogames rarely try to cover. I wanted to see if I could make the player feel regret for murder. "

I can't feel nothing, because it was one shot. No pain, no scream. Winter is coming and i need meat :X

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Sorry, i cant finish still this mission..

"Focus fire" you mean: Focus Weakest?

If yes.. there is my video how my bots missing all shots..

Edit:So managed to win this.. Looks like need to "write" all conditions (Hp/Shield) and they not missed any shot.

Strange i cant win mission: The seven wonders

Even i start first shooting they kill me much faster.. They got different robots with better aiming? o.O

Would be nice to see icons with different color