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Hi Caterson! No, there is no way to transfer files in this build. A recent Patreon build writes your save files to a file that can be transfered, but not much help since you'd have to restart anyway. Apologies for the inconvenience, and congrats on the new rig!

not yet, still trying to find time to do all the bugfixing from the Patreon beta. Sorry for the delay!

whoa!!! thank you for the spotlight! Once again, your video was a delight to watch. (adore that thumbnail too, hahaha)

Water stone should be usable in the latest public update (0.28)
The second vid in the Varahn & Jasper category should be found in the staff break room (East of where you first find Katana)

One is available on the Patreon but it still has a lot of bugs. There will be an update but it's gonna take some time to straighten everything out!

You'll be able to access the door in the next public update! I intend to release version 0.28 next month, which has the first piece of content from behind the door.

I believe this issue was fixed in a Patreon version. It should be pushed to the public update when the fix rotates out of the exclusive updates. (I'll take another look none the less though in case it's an all-new error)

Oh no!! Sorry I had you erase the save for nothing. It's a very strange set of errors... I have no clue as to how I'd replicate your experience but I'll check to see if I can find any weird warnings in that scene. Hopefully I can find something that'll fix it.

Which OS are you running the game on?

First miscellaneous scene can be found in the foyer! As for the TF scene, I'll add it to the camcorder during the next batch I push! Happy you're enjoying the game, thanks a bundle <3

Thank you!! Sorry that's the only option I can offer. Really happy you've enjoyed the game so far so I'd hate for you to find it keeps crashing on you. Please let me know if the issue keeps bugging you!

Oh, thanks so much! Uh oh... Thanks for letting me know too. Can you try clearing your save file and starting again to see if that works? You can do it through the settings on the main menu.

No plans for a Mac version unfortunately. There is a beta Android version available on the Patreon but that's all I'm planning to work on for ports.

Same here :D
Water Stone is obtainable in 0.27, usable in 0.28!

Yes, for now. I'll make it public eventually but it has some kinks to straighten out before I feel comfortable blasting it publicly.

it's finally here!!!

Thank you for enjoying it!!! :D

Thank you for the kind words!! I'm really happy you've gotten so much enjoyment from the game <3

Not that I can see. How did you come to that conclusion?

Hi Shigara! There is an Android version available via the Patreon, but it still presents with a lot of performance issues and bugs, so I haven't been too vocal about it. If you're a Patron then feel free to grab it from the page!

No, I intend to release another public demo. The trouble is the time I have to work on newer builds has made it more difficult to do additional work on a public build as well.

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Hi Vividity, thanks for the honest feedback! I want the Haunted Brothel to have a cozy take on BDSM content, so I won't change the level of consent between the characters, but I can see what you mean.
I also enjoy BDSM fantasies a lot! So I want the ones that appear in the game to be hot for folks with similar tastes. I appreciate hearing your experience with the game <3

Eyy! So excited to finally fulfill on it! Thank you for waiting so patiently <3

Heck yeah!! Exciting times :D

It took me a while but it's finally here! Haha. Hope it lives up to the hype.

ooh nice! wish that was me.

aaah I'm sorry to hear :( There are no plans for an Ipad/Mac port. I hope you can find a way to play it soon!!

Once you've talked to the couple outside the giant stone door, head to the credits plaque in the pondside area. You should be able to get it after reading the plaque.

hot damn!!! stretching fast as fuck! Congratulations on the wr :D

lol yeah! hope it didn't cause much stress. I appreciate the concern!

Absolutely! I always love to see people playing my games. Thanks for asking in advance too <3

hell yeah, this rules! great time :D

That's intentional. It was a quick way of getting that scene finished, I meant to go back and fix it so that the scene moves to the gallery afterwards, but I got lazy, hahaha.

That's such a nice thing to hear! thanks so much, I'll do my best to keep it up <3

I can't predict when, but It's something I want to do.

The Patreon patch notes aren't really relevant to the public builds, since the public builds have a combination of Patreon-version bugfixes, and older Patreon-version content. The Itch developer post will usually say what new NSFW content has been added, if it helps.

Thanks so much! Very happy you're enjoying the game <3
Oh! That's very strange. You should be able to give that NPC the Spring Water item. It's the one in the lower-right corner of the Potion Shop. If that doesn't work then it must be a bug. I'll take a look on my end to make sure it's still working for me.

Unfortunately, that's your answer! At the moment there are only a few potions that can be used, and they have specific purposes around the brothel. There are no scenes associated with using them on Varahn or Jasper.

thank youuuu! <3

D'aww, thanks for saying <3 Appreciate you checking in on me, too!