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That made my heart go doki doki~


Congrats on finishing! :D


I'm happy that you finished your project.


OMG! Celebrate now! :D


Nice sprites!! :D


Thank you so much !!

Item End Jam! community · Created a new topic Rules


You can-

¤ Use Creative Commons

¤ Use food and items as plot point

You can't-

¤ Use living things as plot point (Plants excluded~)

Item End Jam! community · Created a new topic Thanks!

Hey everyone! Your host is here!!

Thank you so much because many people joined Item End Jam! 2016, my first game jam!! :)

Hope you guys will join Item End Jam! 2017. (Planning fast. LOL)


Thanks Ran! Your comment means a lot to us! WE WORKED SO HARD FOR IT! I'm glad you like it! :)

Oooh! Sports OTOME! As usual, Imma post my thoughts at LSF!


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OH! Don't worry! I just said that the download is ready because I'm telling it by the people who said the download is not ready. :) Really cute!

Hi there! <3 I've been stalking you at LSF. I love this game! Glad that it's finished! Downloading right now! (P.S. The download is already there.) -MimirollCookie
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  • Since I don't have knowledge in Unity, I allow any engine.

Visual Novelty, Ren'Py, Unity and so on. :)


I played it another successful story, I must say. :D

This game is PERFECT. I didn't expected the gameplay, which is a little confusing. Hopefully people will understand it!

The story is heartwarming. Space is cute, but yeah. We all know she's not the ral one, but what Time did is wrong. It's not because Nill lost her beauty means that Time will hate her.


ANYWAY! I got all the memories. It's really nice. But! Forget my critique, this game is PERFECT!!!


OMG! I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!!! This looks like a very cute otome. The ploy is so funny. Carver looks like a jerk, I don't want to romance him! I want...... Benjamin! Will give you my thoughts later!♡


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So excited. *u*


If you guys have any suggestions, critiques, or whatevs, please post the comment. :D


Thanks flawty! The download is ready! >w<


Kiss the caterpillar! Hahaha!