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Just 2. It was a mood piece / experiment jam game

This sounds like something specific to your computer. Do you have anti-virus software running that might be removing the game? It is an unsigned game, so by default Windows will flag it as potentially harmful - anti-virus software is likely doing the same unfortunately.

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Thanks! Really glad you liked it. And yep I'm using the HPSXRP - this was a good test project for it. Helped me prove out a bunch of new features like baked lighting.

Thanks. Yeah, this was created as an experiment for a 2 day game jam, so we only have the two rooms currently, and not a lot of mechanical depth to the game yet. We are actively working on this project though, so be sure to check back soon for updates.

Try WASD / Arrow Keys 

Thanks for the heads up - that's largely fixed in the next update I'm planning to release in another week or so.

Hey thanks for playing! To answer your question about procedural generation - the level was procedurally generated once and saved - it does not regenerate every time you play (yet...)

Ouch, sorry about that - I have not heard of any crashes yet - what are your system specs? And would you mind posting the log file so I can diagnose? It should be under:

C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\No\Orange County\Player.log

Thanks for playing!

Damn this is a game it's way Game so Game. Sorry about earth though. 1/5 Miss the planet