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Reporting a few typos (which may already be fixed since I played a little while ago):

  • The wise Queen saw through the Serpent's lies and lead her army to fight it. —> led
  • Lost Gem Island used to be the source of the clearest, most valuable gemstones in the Archipelago – until the ever expanding marshes have flooded the mineshaft the stones were found in. —> "have" seems extraneous
  • You know, You know, most people only know about Lahni from the great leap story, —> double "You know"

Also, this game is so good and I love it <3 <3

This was a really interesting mechanic to use to tell a story, and pretty impressive that it made homework seem fun...creepy ending notwithstanding.

This was fun to play and replay—and also very creepy. Even though it wasn't hard to win, I actually appreciated that the candle lasted long enough for me to make some pretty ill-advised choices and still live to tell the tale.

This was fun! And pretty hard, but still very satisfying for someone who loves exploration-type games. Reminds me of the good old days playing Scarab of Ra.

This was a delight from beginning to end—though I wasn't sure if it was actually supposed to be the end because it was so abrupt. But I loved the variety of perspectives and moods and tenses, and also entering commands I've definitely never typed before in my life.

This game was strangely moving. I wasn't always sure what to do (such is life when you have limited time remaining), but I found a bit of ugliness, a bit of beauty, and a lot to ponder.

Quite unsettling for a short game! The story (at least what I could glean of it) works well with the choose-your-own-poem format.

Loved the creepy premise, the creepy formatting, and also being able to name Mark.

Finally, a game that recognizes the importance of gourds to any Halloween party! It'd be cool to see more of this world and these characters, but this was satisfying enough as a fun/subtly creepy vignette.

I really enjoyed this small glimpse of a large world. The beautiful writing made it feel a bit like playing a poem. Someday I might remember this game like it was one of my own dreams.

This was really creative and fun to play. I love that moment of insight when you realize what's actually going on...and it also made me think about deep stuff like my own attachment to made-up characters. Pretty cool for such a quickly made game!

This game is both pretty and creepy! I liked the format and that it's about a very recent and fleeting historical event. I ran into the same bug as others but kept trying until I got to an ending, which was quite spooky indeed.