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Short and sweet and worth the time, exactly the kind of thing I needed for a poor attention span craving some gay robot.

I kind of loved this. It's a neat idea, compelling to explore the effects of each seed, very charming. And personally I love the side note that the giant bugs were instrumental to climate restoration. This is great.

Thank you! I have one more question, if that's alright?  I loved the NPCs in the adventure module, especially the amber snail seer that was filled with visions of a sky creature savior after getting infected with a green banded broodsac. The illustrated bugs in the book are all dripping with personality, I want to know if they have more fleshed out characters as well or if those details were only added for the module. Of course I could try and fill in the blanks myself but I found the snail so clever it made me very curious about the others. Are there more details on them somewhere?

I'm getting very excited to try Cuticorium and I haven't shut up about it since I found it. I do have a question about the rules though, and I hope the comments on itch is a good place to put it?

I'm wondering how and if NPC bugs use moves? When games I'm familiar with use capital M Moves they are all rolled by the player and the GM simply calls for the players to roll appropriate moves. The fact that NPCs use their webs to affect player rolls (and not the other way around) seemed to support this. But NPCs have favourite (panic?) moves as well as Features that modify their moves. Do NPCs in Cuticorium attempt to Scar and Comfort other players, or Transform their image in the player's eyes? And does it work the same as players doing so, but with the GM rolling the die and spending webs?

Wasn't able to get orders outside the tutorial, and the tutorial ended suddenly when I clicked on my first new employee. It was so sudden I was worried it crashed.

Love a good shaggy dog story. Could be a little more clear when the game is ended, I was bouncing around in the last room for a bit to make sure there wasn't anything else to do. (Assuming the end is where you meet and interact with the first human)

I absolutely love how this progresses from plodding around with your heavy metal ball as you search for switches to a fast paced prison escape as you learn to move exclusively through throws. Chucking your ball to stun a guard and weaving through minefields in dashes while a prison's worth of enforcers are chasing you feels awesome. And maybe it's just me, but the escapee alien has a lot of personality and is really appealing.

I did not expect to get so surprised by this game, thank you for submitting it!

We got stuck on the third level, swung ourselves wildly like children's toys, developed a deep seated phobia of snails and had a blast doing it. I probably couldn't keep playing a game as difficult as this, but it was hilarious and fun even while I was losing, nice work.

It felt like I was only seeing a corner of the game screen, and I couldn't tell if that was intentional or if memorizing the layout was part of the game. That said, I still enjoyed it. Even just in the beginning it's one of those games that gets you far too emotionally invested in geometric shapes. (Oh, I also couldn't get the windows download to work)

k i love this, immediately visually appealing and fun to play
this was on my rating queue for the jam but i'm coming back to try it once it gets fixed