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Elle n'a pas de limite de poids, mais passé un certain gabarit, les descriptions arrêteront cependant de suivre son évolution et seront bloquées à un stade qui ne sera peut-être plus pertinent.

Merci beaucoup !

Hi! Thanks! I'm really glad you enjoyed playing (that's the game's purpose after all). I have absolutely no idea about when version20 will be ready, since I absolutely cannot work on the game on a regular basis. However, not many new functionalities will be implemented so it might take a few months rather than a whole year....... Version20 will mostly consist in a very long side story (much longer than Maude's and Iris' together), new politics for the mayor and queen, and bugfixes. It won't literally bring a new breathe to the game like version19 should do. I hope this information helps you deciding wether you'll wait or not :3

Great news indeed!

Awesome! <3

Bonjour ! Elle n'a pas de limite de poids et ne tombera pas malade. Cependant, elle peut finir à l'hôpital pour sous-nutrition si vous ne la prenez pas vite en charge après votre première rencontre.

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her weight has no limit but the mechanics don't work well and will result unrealistic when going up to higher weights... there is a lot of room for improvement yet. I'll need to work on it someday. Thanks for reporting the issue!

Thanks for reporting! I'll look throught it!

It could. I take note of the idea ;)

Oh, I tend do tend to forget them. Will check before next release! Thank you for reminding me!

Yes, this issue has been reported and will be fixed in v0.20. Sorry for the inconvenience! 

Hi! There doesn't seems to be anything wrong in code here . The point here aren't given depending on your inheritance or the difficulty level. You probably chose your character to like breakfasts however, if you choose icecream instead this point will go to the chest for example.

In your case, the breast inheritance will make you start with slightly bigger breasts at start, not a growth bonus.

Tell me if the issue persists after knowing this ;) And thanks for taking time to report!

My pleasure! :3

Bonjour ! Merci ! Ce sera corrigé à la prochaine mise à jour !

Well, if you manage to reach 23, you may use the Potion of Youth to go back to 18 and live a bit longer in that case! That's quite the stats you got here! GG :D

Thez code seems correct. The only thing I can imagine is your character being younger than 23 y.o. The potion makes you 5 years younger, so in order to avoid your girl being underage, the potion won't show before she reaches 23. Could it the reason?

Don't be sorry! This is highly possible indeed. The translations are made through a patcher kindly developed by Dingotush for the overall game to be understandable to non-French speakers while the game is still in development, and the patcher may miss a few strings. I won't deal with translation issues before the release of a stable version, since it would mean retranslating many parts every time an update comes up. Thanks for taking the time to report the issue though! And thanks for playing the game :) Cheers!

Thanks, I'll check it out right now!

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Wow, I'm a huge fan of your game! So cool! Hope it comes with a downloadable version some day, but it's such a really great work. Cheers!

Nice, I never managed to get this bad actually!

Will be fixed in next build, but some division by 0 should already be fixed in the latest build.

For now, write articles... I'll try adding a few more solutions in the future.

Wow, thanks, I'll try to fix it for next version.

About 10% chances to win 1 coin,  about 0,1% for jackpot. Jackpot is only 1 000 coins so not very interesting I guess.

Bonjour, non, je n'ai même pas inclus une telle fonction dans mon debug pour les tests...

Did you click the "more choice" button at the list bottom to access the other potions? Potion of Youth should appear last on the second medecine page.

Incredibly good, I'll love to read more!

Oh, does such a game exists?!

Hi, do you mean you would like more things to do when in college?

Merciiii !

Open the main script, look for "debug" line and un-tag all debug items you wish.

Maybe I'll do a trick for activating debug ingame in the next version.


Well, I try to prepare an update, but... takes times... and I havn't lots of time... Sorry, it'll be very slow.


There won't be images of your character. Too complicated. Let your imagination work :)

Thanks for your report!

1. Yeah, that's right. Nevertheless, reaching too low or too hight satiety will cause you harm (make you sick or worse).

2. Hmm, that's weird.

3. I'm gonna check that, this is possible indeed.

4. That one is annoying, I'll make a "don't ask me again" option.

The translator cannot work on translating the game for now. I'm sorry.
You can still use the language patcher they created for v.017b, it should work on the latest build leaving only the newest content untranslated.
Download link and how to use to be found on Weight Gaming forum:

Hi! It's been requested many times but there won't be any mobile versions for now as I totally suck with exports and stuff and could never manage to make some working build for smartphones... But when the game gets "finished", I will definitely look for a solution or help for the game to be playable on mobiles. So sorry, but no Android version before long :(

It doesn't. But I'll need to do it someday.

Thanks for reporting the lab earnings issue; I'll have a look a it!

Regarding your friend dying even if you feed her everyday, that's weird, I'll be extra careful when testing next time. Thanks for your comments!

Thank you! <3

No, sorry. I don't even know how to do it.

Which cause of death is mentioned?