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Love the backgrounds and how they're animated.

The full screen button seems to have disappeared. I've also found that  in my most recent game there are certain tiles in the game where if I move the player to It gets stuck, but I also used a bitsy hack in that one and re uploaded it to the editor so that may be the issue.



I really like the style of this game, very charming. The way you got time to pass was neat, however because you press the ^ to go through both doors if you accidentally double tap it you miss some of the content, especially if you try to go back inside.

What a cute concept, I also really liked the aesthetic of having squares around the room.

Glad you enjoyed it! My original plan was actually for a more linear experience but I eventually decided to go with a more labyrinthine design, I thought having more good and neutral options would be more suspenseful than dying horribly 99% of the time.

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it!