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Ah, all right then. Sorry I can't help you!

Do you mean Minecraft dimensions, mods, or servers? Depending on what you're looking for, there's a few things I could suggest.

I loved this game! It's got a really unique mechanic that, while really brain-bending at first, I eventually got used to and really enjoyed messing around with!

This is an absolutely wonderful game! The music, the concept, and especially the level design just all work together to make an absolutely amazing experience. The core part of any puzzle game is that "aha!" moment, and this game just had so many of them all the way through! Massive congrats on getting to the top 20, and here's hoping more people get to play your game!

Absolutely okay with me! My high score without the exploit is the same as the one I posted below (243)

I may have found a massive exploit. If you place a flowerbed, then click again on a card before it disappears and gets replaced by a new card,  you can play the same card twice in a row. I was able to use this to get a score of 382

A very clever little game! My high score so far is 243. I've loved learning all the little tricks, like how to place the flowers to ensure you don't leave an unfillable single space.

This is really fun! I'm interested to see how well it would translate into a purely physical game. The cards would be easy enough, and swaps/hp could be kept track on a piece of paper. However, I'm curious how the values at the top are generated. Is it a simple random number 10-20, or something more?

This was an incredibly amusing game! I loved thinking about how to optimize my deck and how to conserve resources, and the ending sprint with a deck of nothing but stairs was very enjoyable.

Same here. I'd love to play!

I brought "Bring me to the end" to the end of heaven mode, but nothing happened. Is there some other secret I'm missing?