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L.Para: do she hav ears like me? me got used to it after Jyef, him mak loud sound every day lik 100 time!!!

*she talkin about Jeffs temer tantrums lol*

AAli: that plastic will melt, thats how hot the water is. just put on the ring and jump!

Ali: *already diving in* SEEYA WHEN YOU JUMP!!! OH AND BY THE WAY, JUST F*CKING JUMP!!!!

Creator me: *pushes you two after you put le rings on*

L.Para: fren!! *hugs Lilly* yay fren awake!!!! uwuwuwuwuwuuwu!!!!! *picks her up soemhow and hold her above her head* FRENFRENFRENFRENFRENFREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*gasp* fellow undertale lover!!!!!

Chara; breh, thats meh last nam who tf is you?

me: Chara beh nice!

Chara; Chara is not nice >:T

*you walk along the sand to a valcano*

Ali: oh guys should take these *gives you both moonstone rings...OOoH WerE Is tHis hEaDeD HmmMmmMm*

Ali: put them on and dive in! ..dont worry it'll protect you! the valcano is dormant, so its only the scorching hot water to worry about!!

yeah! PJ is the most realistic kid tho


L.Para: looks it up* i tink Mommy did won of was mans in masksksks....dey were doin dis to Daddy...when i wash bor Mommy wused teh take meh dere and dey would give me foo and gifs

Ali: kay! *puts some in a bowl or plate depending on what you perfer* here! *ets her roice on a le plate*

Ali: *eats way to much roice* my stomach going home and wathcng anime! wanna come?


BEN: wOOoooOOoOow im not dumb i took over a whole cult!!!! 

L.Para: okay...just kinda dumb...wha a cul?

Ali: oki ima get soem food!! *comes bck with rice w\ extra egg and sweet & sour chicken* anyone want some?

*these r meh fav btw*

BEN: *tries to flirt wiht Bunny*

L.Para: NO FLIRT WITH HER!!!! thank Mwax!!!

thats very common actualy! and yeh, thier pretty much dating anyway

i wish i could draw...maybe ill try making error

L.Para: now get me le supplies *she isnt bossy in the least, in fact she looks determined if anything* Bunbun, get me le choclate chips!! *le choclate chips float to para* thank!

i have died of how good this is


L.Para: Mwax halp meh mwake cookies!!

Ali: hi bakugo!!!! nice ta meet ya!



*meh Oceantale Undyne Alphs love child OC...axolotls can have kids with female btw**Alphys is a Axolotl in Oceantale*

Alizalia: hi!! im Ali!!! who are you?

L.Para: *eats them all* no! me make cookies

*she spoiled*

L.Para: NO

*okay then*

Aquatale: cewl

Oceantale: hmm, nice song but i perefer listening to dar Darker yet darker.....yeah thats a song to.

Undersail Frisk: scary......*walka way*

L.Para: me okay!! me no cry! Daddy say cry is bad!!

*legit tho worst father of the year award*

L.Para: me okay becuz me no cry!! me gonna make some cookies!!

Oceantale: if you say so. whelp, ill leave you to deal with the deranged b*tch

Aquatale: THATS IT IVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU........god, i mean, i guess youre right.....

Oceantale: yes i am

L.Para: *she almost cries, but is visibly afriad of you getting mad, and you in general so she doesnt* me her cry!!! nonononononononono!!!!!!

Aquatale: member i said i was cursed? say soemhting i dont like one more time and ill show you what i mean

Oceantale: *starts useing her tenticles to wrap her in a cacoon* try threatening him again *Ooo sHe LiIkEs yOoOuUU*

Undersail: im goin by Rainbow Rocks, the blonde shouldnt follow me

Ocean; *pops a Joy with no effect on her* whelp ima go...naw actualy

L.Para: i wike dis one? can i keep him? he good nice colored hair and he different!! he wike him? i wanna keep him!

Undersail: whelp, the universe

Oceantale: you mean gaster?

Undersail: whatever he punishes us for the OG charas stuff she did, witch was NOT geno btw

L.Para: wike it? her name is Patchwork

*Elliot getting triggered time prolly*

L.Para; *goes to elliot becuz thats SO a good idea *

Aquatale: well us Charas suffer terrible fates!!! Oceantale got cursed by gaster to be a Octopus girl, Undersail also got cursed then found out and forced to walkt the plank.

Oceantale\Undersail: yep!!

L.Para: kay!!! me find someoen else.......*starts playing with a patchwork stuffed Rabbit*

Auatale: oh! sorry about my appearance! sans cut my legs off and frced my to walk the plank with my nubs!! i then got eaten by sharks!!!

L.Para: ...wha? bu...but Daddy lets me keep people sometimes......dey go in my pet room and i keep dem!! i wike the wittle one a wot......:3 :) 

*okay human zoo, okay?*

L.Para: Bunbun and Daddy say ish okay! pwease?

Aquatale Chara: *there is a difference* Hi! yo grumpy blonde, howzit goin?


Sans: hey kiddo, wanna go to Gribys?

Pap: *leaves*

L.Para: *gives Bunny a peck on le cheek* youre pretty!!! Bunbun can i keep her? no....*starts crying* ME WANNA KEEP HER!!!!

*srry, Paras Zalgos fristborn so she gets like EVERYTHING*

L.para: *keeps crying*


Pirate papy: sans! no more puns or else ill make you walk the plank!!
Sans: already am.

you dont have 2...i feel like Bunny is a oc whos name you dotn wanan change, so you donthave to. bunbun can just beh i nickname Para uses

L.Para: okay,bunbun say sheh finna beh kay!!

Frisk: want sweet bun?

Oceantale sans: yeah chips ahoy and all that jazz!

*who is he saying that to and wtf*