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I skipped paying to try the Windows build on Wine, figuring I'd come back and make the donation if it ran, but it didn't work.  If Mateusz puts out a Linux build, I'd be happy to buy it.  The Win build failed at first because I have a quad-head setup and use NVIDIA all around, but it's logically all 64-bit, so it threw an exception (vague and unhelpful) in Wine.  I installed the 32-bit drivers, and this time it just crashed out with no explanation or excuse.  I'll try to strace and/or grind the crash tomorrow, but a Linux build would likely be the better solution than emulation.  Just because I use almost exclusively open source (and am a dev in several of the projects) doesn't mean I'm not happy to pay people for their efforts if it's something like this, which I enjoy every year.

No wonder Bart Bonte said this was his favorite game of 2020.  This was a lot of fun.  Wasn't sure I'd be able to keep up with the three circles, but zooming in and taking a few extra seconds to wander correctly worked the first time.

Great game for puzzlers.

This works flawlessly through Wine on Linux (tested with Ubuntu 16.10, GNOME, triple-head with Xinerama).

It is by far the most epic, chilling installment in the Rusty Lake series to date. I've already played through the entire thing - including all bonus material - five times so far. And on top of the excellent, smooth, intriguing gameplay is one of the best original soundtracks I've heard. If you're familiar at all with Daniel Licht's work (he did the soundtrack for Showtime's "Dexter" series, among many others), it's very much similar.

While I am very much looking forward to the continuation of this series, I can appreciate how much time and effort goes into it, so I'll be watching out over the next year or so for another part of the story.

Great. I'll pop over there and post it, too. Also, only allowed me to tack on a $5 donation this time. Not sure if it was a glitch on their end or mine.

Comments don't appear to yet be enabled for Roots, but it, too, works great via Wine on Linux (once again, tested on Ubuntu), and with no noticeable resource intensity except for (trying not to give anything away) the initial scene with Rose, with the object that needs to be dragged, when graphics are set to high quality. So in case anyone is reading through reviews on Rusty Lake's work and is interested in Roots, rest assured that it is another spectacular piece of work. In fact, so epic that I played it through twice, including all extra features, in as many days --- and good enough that I'll play through it again in the future, just like all previous installments.

Though it's a little resource-intensive, the Windows version runs on Linux via Wine. I have it running, complete with sound, on Ubuntu. Just a heads-up for anyone who may have questions as to whether or not it will work on Linux. I figured I'd take the chance. Even if it didn't run, it was worth the $1.99 plus the extra $10 donation for the Rusty Lake games, without a shadow of a doubt.