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I've been trying to formulate a comprehensive and thoughtful review for this game but: it gave me a few chills and the true end made me want to cry.

This is just a really well made game, and effective for its length. The way the themes and the characters' stories  unfolded with the gameplay was great and hard hitting. The monster was devastating, and very creatively represented.  It's excellent horror that's like, a raw ache, haunting in how honest and real it is. And still your humor and charm shine through here. Glad I finally got around to play this, it's another great work.

I'm glad I finally got to play this game and give some money your way. I love your work because it can be so raw and hard, yet simultaneously gentle and loving. I loved this, thank you for sharing this super self indulgent, funny, emotional work.  I hope you keep on doing what you're doing for as long as you can. You've made such real characters that really were tugging at my heartstrings (and a dang interesting world too).