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Parallel Realities

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Please email It'll be easier to help you over email.

The code is governed under standard copyright laws, so while you could use it as a basis for your own work (kind of expected, to be fair), you couldn't release that code or re-license it.

So, you wouldn't be able to create a GPL project, for example, and post that publicly.

Also, try downloading the file again.

That truncation error could be a result of the download not having completed properly.

What platform are you on? What tool are you using for extracting the archive?

Maybe try a different extraction tool if you're on Windows?

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The asset pack contains the source code and assets for all the tutorials listed here:

So, that would be:

2D shoot 'em up tutorial

2D top-down shooter tutorial

2D platformer tutorial

2D adventure tutorial

2D vertical shoot 'em up tutorial

2D run and gun tutorial

Roguelike tutorial

Medals (Achievements) tutorial

2D turn based strategy tutorial

2D isometric game tutorial

Mission-based 2D shoot 'em up tutorial

Sprite atlas tutorial

Working with TTF fonts

Widget tutorial


Map editor tutorial

They are all divided up into their individual parts, too. 

A new tutorial is being added tomorrow, one that will show the reader how to create a simple Santa Claus game.

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The source code contains everything that is needed to build and run each part, of each tutorial. It includes all the assets (data, music, sound, etc) that are needed.

One could work through the tutorials on the site, and copy the code from there in your own project, but you may find it much harder to work with than having the complete source available, that can be built and run using cmake.

SDL2 Shooter 3 is a great example of where having access to the complete source is a boon, as that tutorial is massive!

Please check your email.

Drop an email to, and let me know what you're having problems with.

Just a redundant line in one of the tutorials, that someone notified me about (a variable was being set twice, with the same value in one function).

If you understand C++ then you won't have any trouble understanding these tutorials;  C++ was originally developed as an extension to C, so they were both very similar languages.

Ah, I only write about stuff I have experience with, I'm afraid.

No problem. I've been making little map editors for my own games for a few years, so I thought I'd demonstrate how I go about it. It' s only a little thing, but hopefully some will find it useful / insightful.

They are, yes. They're in a folder called "tbs" (turn-based strategy).

Thanks! I've updated it.

Thanks! Nice spot. I've updated the PPP tutorial to fix this. The code is now:


#define MAX_TILES              8


static void loadTiles(void) 
    int i;     
    char filename[MAX_FILENAME_LENGTH];      
    for (i = 1 ; i < MAX_TILES ; i++)
        sprintf(filename, "gfx/tile%d.png", i);          
        tiles[i] = loadTexture(filename);     

That should all work now (unless I've somehow introduced another bug somehow..!)

Thank you!

Yep, done.

v1.0.2 has been released:

  • Added missing .desktop file
  • Update text referring to touch screen controls
  • Added grenade counter stat and display, to aid with grenade combo trophy
  • Games are now saved atomically, to mitigate save data loss
  • Laser traps will not kill victims alive forever and block saving
  • Misc. crash and cosmetic fixes and updates

v1.0.1 has been uploaded that should fix a number of issues:

* Correctly save control configuration.
* Fixed compile error for save paths.
* Fixed save slot defaulting to 0 when loading and continuing.
* Removed saving of trophy screenshot - too buggy.
* Fixed i18n string array smashing.

If you could file some bugs on GitHub:

When you pick up the heart, does the game show a trophy alert? It could be a problem trying to save a screenshot (you can turn this off in the options screen). I'll see what I can find out with the controller bugs. I used a single stick SNES-like controller for development.

Thanks for the report. Please could you try again now.