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Parallel Realities

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Just a redundant line in one of the tutorials, that someone notified me about (a variable was being set twice, with the same value in one function).

If you understand C++ then you won't have any trouble understanding these tutorials;  C++ was originally developed as an extension to C, so they were both very similar languages.

Ah, I only write about stuff I have experience with, I'm afraid.

No problem. I've been making little map editors for my own games for a few years, so I thought I'd demonstrate how I go about it. It' s only a little thing, but hopefully some will find it useful / insightful.

They are, yes. They're in a folder called "tbs" (turn-based strategy).

Thanks! I've updated it.

Thanks! Nice spot. I've updated the PPP tutorial to fix this. The code is now:


#define MAX_TILES              8


static void loadTiles(void) 
    int i;     
    char filename[MAX_FILENAME_LENGTH];      
    for (i = 1 ; i < MAX_TILES ; i++)
        sprintf(filename, "gfx/tile%d.png", i);          
        tiles[i] = loadTexture(filename);     

That should all work now (unless I've somehow introduced another bug somehow..!)

Thank you!

Yep, done.

v1.0.2 has been released:

  • Added missing .desktop file
  • Update text referring to touch screen controls
  • Added grenade counter stat and display, to aid with grenade combo trophy
  • Games are now saved atomically, to mitigate save data loss
  • Laser traps will not kill victims alive forever and block saving
  • Misc. crash and cosmetic fixes and updates

v1.0.1 has been uploaded that should fix a number of issues:

* Correctly save control configuration.
* Fixed compile error for save paths.
* Fixed save slot defaulting to 0 when loading and continuing.
* Removed saving of trophy screenshot - too buggy.
* Fixed i18n string array smashing.

If you could file some bugs on GitHub:

When you pick up the heart, does the game show a trophy alert? It could be a problem trying to save a screenshot (you can turn this off in the options screen). I'll see what I can find out with the controller bugs. I used a single stick SNES-like controller for development.

Thanks for the report. Please could you try again now.