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The game is nice, however on a computer with a screen having a high of 720, the game window is too small to be playable, and I end up having to flip the screen to the side which isn't very comfortable for my neck.
(When not flipping the screen the computer does attempt to resize the game, but it cut instead, making the top and bottom of the game disappear,  so not playable either since the clickable buttons are off screen).

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Hello, the demo of this game is really nice, the art is really good, the animations really prefect, and I just can't get enough of the bee enemy~
I rarely try to be informed about updates of games here, but I want for this one. Is there a way to get notified when the game is updated ? Will following you do that ?

Alright, good luck with your work !

It worked normally in a new savefile, and the only difference I know is that the first was created after the tutorial and the second one from the main menu (since I won't do the tutorial twice).
Maybe the tutorial has a bug, or launch the game in an older version of it.

I have the 1.0a version for Windows, and the red book is bugged (or a bug happened when I got it).
It can be used (disappearing) anywhere, and when used on the red bookshelf it doesn't remove the wall ; probably is used the same way it was used anywhere else without checking if the bookshelf is there or not.

Will try to play on a new savefile.

The game is quite nice, I like the aesthetic of it, the chara design is in the style I like the best for retro games (yep, I like more the in-world version of characters than their dialogue counterpart, but both are nice.).
I like the main character though we don't have a lot of time with them.
And of course I like the concept that made me unable to not play it.
However this project end up being in the end, I hope the concept is pushed to the extreme, because while it is nice to have maze and other thing of the sort where the character is helpless, it was a bit too much of "no other way" (I mean, kinda).
I think it may be easy enough to let the possibility to "go back", though it would only lead to a new place that is still a maze.
It would still be a maze, that you may have avoided entirely with another path, but a maze with several exits.
Though I enjoyed the diversity in narrative text about the doors locked or not being doors anymore or disappearing behind you, I hope that same diversity will be used for new paths for those who always tries the least obvious way (and even more, used to trap or surprise or challenge these players).

Anyway, good luck you two with your project !

This happen again if I fail at beating the boss, it seems the game don't make spawn monsters that I already killed even though the health bar is max out again.

restarting the game did fixed it, so it's a minor bug o:

Great game ! Though midway through the horde boss battle, enemies stopped spawning so now I'm stuck in an empty room until the end of the day ; and the room is empty yet again when I attempt the next day.
Haven't tried restarting the game yet, but even if it fixes it, this is important to report o:

action number 1
of Draw Event
for object obj_CuentaGrande:

Variable obj_player.<unknown variable>(100061, -2147483648) not set before reading it.
at gml_Object_obj_CuentaGrande_Draw_0

It's the error that crash the game right before I win it, when the screen turn white after the timer reach 0:0:0:0
I reached two time the end of the game with all progress bar totally filled, and I didn't seen the end of the game yet because of this bug x: (which took me some time)

I play the game on Windows 10

It didn't happened when I only slept and reached the ending where I didn't succeed anything, and it don't happen for the game overs.
I did happen for the ending where I only succeed in work.
(so I think it happen for any good ending and not for any bad ending)

I didn't tried other endings yet, and since it's the same error it doesn't matter (plus I don't want to lose time by playing a game that I can't win, even though I like the game).

I hope it'll help to improve the game for other players (and maybe me later) to finish it.

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yeah, I'm happy, I didn't though you would do one route at a time (not that Nero's will be the first) so i'm gladly surprise to see her route almost done ; I'll go play it when it's finish and will have a good time.
Still wish you good luck and good time with all this !

We only have the begining of the relationship, and i already love Nero so much !
Please make sure it's almost perfect and interesting to go in his way ! (i said almost, not because the perfection doesn't exist but because this must be an imperfection to make it perfect ! [for exemple, difficulty for not be too easy ] )
but i think you will do your must for every characters, right ?

so, good luck for create the complete game, create this game must please you or this will not be perfect, so be happy while you use your time for it, alright ?

[ just for say it : i'm french, and i hope than my english aren't too bad ]