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This happen again if I fail at beating the boss, it seems the game don't make spawn monsters that I already killed even though the health bar is max out again.

restarting the game did fixed it, so it's a minor bug o:

Great game ! Though midway through the horde boss battle, enemies stopped spawning so now I'm stuck in an empty room until the end of the day ; and the room is empty yet again when I attempt the next day.
Haven't tried restarting the game yet, but even if it fixes it, this is important to report o:

action number 1
of Draw Event
for object obj_CuentaGrande:

Variable obj_player.<unknown variable>(100061, -2147483648) not set before reading it.
at gml_Object_obj_CuentaGrande_Draw_0

It's the error that crash the game right before I win it, when the screen turn white after the timer reach 0:0:0:0
I reached two time the end of the game with all progress bar totally filled, and I didn't seen the end of the game yet because of this bug x: (which took me some time)

I play the game on Windows 10

It didn't happened when I only slept and reached the ending where I didn't succeed anything, and it don't happen for the game overs.
I did happen for the ending where I only succeed in work.
(so I think it happen for any good ending and not for any bad ending)

I didn't tried other endings yet, and since it's the same error it doesn't matter (plus I don't want to lose time by playing a game that I can't win, even though I like the game).

I hope it'll help to improve the game for other players (and maybe me later) to finish it.

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yeah, I'm happy, I didn't though you would do one route at a time (not that Nero's will be the first) so i'm gladly surprise to see her route almost done ; I'll go play it when it's finish and will have a good time.
Still wish you good luck and good time with all this !

We only have the begining of the relationship, and i already love Nero so much !
Please make sure it's almost perfect and interesting to go in his way ! (i said almost, not because the perfection doesn't exist but because this must be an imperfection to make it perfect ! [for exemple, difficulty for not be too easy ] )
but i think you will do your must for every characters, right ?

so, good luck for create the complete game, create this game must please you or this will not be perfect, so be happy while you use your time for it, alright ?

[ just for say it : i'm french, and i hope than my english aren't too bad ]