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Thank you guys, for playing with my non-game. I assume you didn't play it until the end, so the similarities, with loneliness are undeniable. It's not a mistake as the fundation of the idea was the game itself, what I would never deny.  There was once a guy, with a famous quote, he was was smarter, then all of us. He sad, that "Good artists copy; great artists steal". As you may know, or not know, the whole industry is about stealing each others stupid idea, and making something different out from it. That's what great developers do. Others are making flappy bird clones. So, without writing an essey, this game is have to be played trough, 3 min long, everybody has that time. There are huge differences between loneliness and preconception, what somebody who is clearly not working as a game developer would not really recognise, but can feel, if (s)he is open and emotionally sensitive. 

Ps: Every 4 account is created in the same hour, as the comment was made, and has only one comment. What is it if not fishy...

In the other hand I would really like to see, what original games did you do in the past, even not games made in a jam could be a really big help. Maybe I will learn something new, how not to be a wannabe, even if I am working as a full time designer- developer for years now ;)