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Paradise Decay

A member registered Mar 25, 2015

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Loved it! - I had a few bugs and had to re-start the game 3-4 times becuase my ropes got stuck into the scenery. Also on the Oculus Rift S controller no way to get back into the main menu without a restart.

Premiere Video here:

Impressions Video! - Awesome Job!  

Oculus Rift Gameplay, you can see the angle of the gun is wrong.

Thanks Further Beyond for your awesome work!

Tried it on the Rift and everything was fine apart from the gun aiming. You have to hold the gun facing forwards & down at a 45 % angle. My video should be up tomorrow. GREAT JOB GUYS!  - Please do more classics.

That would be awesome and promoted on my YouTube channel. Cheers!

Game boots up fine in the Oculus and looks great, any way to play it on a 360 controller using HMD look to aim? A bit like the Doom 3 BFG VR Mod?