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Studio Paper Waifu

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Yeah, as what the title says :). how big can my tiled world be? As big as Blender allows it? I'm thinking of creating backgrounds with this.

Posted in Doesn't work!

So the Godhood game on itch.io doesn't work for you? I think the error might be based on itch.io's backend. If you're on Chrome, then you might have third-party cookies blocked in your settings, which might be causing it. 

Thanks! :) We're trying to go for different shades of grey rather than black and white. 

Hey everyone!

It's BeerBrew and... I haven't had much sleep yet. Just wanted to say that thanks to @dickmcscrotes 's bug complaint over at NewGrounds, we were able to finally catch the elusive loading-related bug that's been haunting the game for several weeks now. The online version of the game should be stable now especially when loading up save game files. With this bug, the game can randomly hang so speak. It rarely appears in our dev platform, and shite always hits the fan when we make it available as a web version. We will update the other builds later.

Can you guys give it a spin and see if anyone encounters any game-stopping errors like blackscreen hang, or any sort of hang or crash? Try progressing through a couple of routes, loading a couple of save games... And do use Google Chrome or Firefox (Firefox tends to complain more, so any hangs here will be useful to take note of.)

And the game's been updated to v0.3.5 if you've noticed ;)

Guys! Update incoming! We're looking at within the next few days, maybe within the week ;)

And thanks for playing ;). We haven't promoted this page yet, and we're glad that despite that, it's being found, played, and enjoyed!