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Helloo! That sounds like a bug I missed. We'll fix it in the next release! ;)

Haha! Welcome to her fan club! ;)

Helloooo! Thanks for playing ;)! I wish we could, but unfortunately, we can't due to our agreement with our music provider. There's a sound test feature in-game for those who like to listen to them though :)

I see you! Enjoy the game! Let us know if you can't find the link!

Hellooooo! Yah, the full version is available for our patrons over at patreon. So when you become a $2 patron, access to post that contains information and where to get the game becomes available to you. Click the link, download, and play the game! If you visit our page:

You will see our different games available. Find the words "Release Post" or simply scroll down to find the link for these patreon posts. You can always turn up, turn down, stop, or continue your pledge at any time!

And thank you for playing our game!! Glad you really enjoyed it! :)

Thank you! About the butler: I can only give you this emoji --  ;) ;)

The old art style is accessible the same way in the other versions of the game as the Android one :). I'll keep your art preference in mind! Our collaboration with other artists in the future may be limited to Omake scenarios. 

Hello once more! I thought this was the Ramen no Oujisama thread! So about those long loading times - let's just say I wasn't the one who structured this and I was trying a new style of organizing scripts, so combine those two together...

Hellooo! The old art is still accessible using the secret code oldieartxxx. I understand you're a fan of the said style, but unfortunately, it's no longer supported nor will be continued. :(

Aside from the standard art we're using that you see above, we're working with our current artist, Ukyu, to take the art in another direction.

The game was built with being able to support multiple art styles, so who knows, we might work with another artist later on who has a similar style to the original one!

But yeah, sorry about the bad news :(

Hello! This is available for our patrons :)

;) ;) There's new content for this scene specifically!

Haha! I understand bro! That's why the latest update is all about getting the new artist's artworks in. ;)

This was updated on the last day of March I believe ;)

Hello! I think it should work in the latest version! The Quick Menu button on the upper right hand corner should always be visible and touchable/clickable. If not, are you saying the game's clipped on the top?


Thank you for your thoughts and feedback about your user experience, comparing it with Ren'py! 

@Wait times - Sorry about that! ^^V The wait times are there for a purpose, or rather, by the limitations and bugs I had encountered and fixed up from way before. :) I can look at this sometime down the road and see if there's a way to speed things up!

I had looked at Ren'py before when I was about to start working on this game and I've no doubt, it's very good software for this sort of thing! 

But it wasn't just about putting out visual novels quickly that I needed to consider there were other things. At the time I was creating the game, I wanted a mobile version of the game, but I didn't have enough experience in developing this before, just the foresight, so I didn't know what will and what won't work - the technical traps were there but I couldn't see them clearly. I didn't have much time to figure things out.

Ren'py didn't exactly work with mobile phones outright, while I *think* I know there's a way to get it on the phone, there were multiple technical barriers for me to overcome - on top of learning Python, so  I couldn't really figure it out on the get-go before.

Ren'py, coming in as a complete package was like WordPress for website development, seemed pretty easy and a great thing to get into, unfortunately, digging into Ren'py's technical stuff confused me (while I've read it's easy to get into, I didn't know how to use Python), so I decided to learn how to make something similar to learn how this stuff works - that works on the web. Fortunately (or unfortunately) for me, I had to do some work that's closer to re-inventing the wheel! 

Ren'py also doesn't have the animations I wanted on the get go. While this wasn't exactly the case for what we're using now, I still had to make this work myself. I *think* I know there's a way to get those animations working in Ren'py, but unfortunately, there are again, multiple technical barriers that really prevents me from moving forward with this idea.

It's not that I don't like Ren'py, in fact, I think it's an amazing piece of software and PyTom really did a great job at making advanced Visual Novel development available for almost everyone. I just had other things to consider, on top of not knowing Python, that had me looking for other solutions.

There were a ton of bugs encountered, fixed, workarounds, and compromises to be made, and in the end, I was able to make it work :) it's not perfect, and I'm not a genius programmer myself. There are other advantages/disadvantages that I've come across, but at least this gives you an insight to what I went through. Given if I were a Python programmer, I would've picked up Ren'py without much hesitation!

I'll also give some thoughts on the Ren'py conveniences you mentioned. There are some things I may not be able to do like reverse playback, and stuff that aren't possible because of how I designed our VN engine.

To the players reading this, shout out to PyTom on Patreon!

Helloooo! Yes there is! There are over 20 scenes, without counting the other ones done by other the two other artists to see ;)

Hello!!! There are platform and Android build downloads available here, Gamejolt (, or our patreon page at

;) ;)

Hello! do the other versions work for you? What phone model and android os are you on?

Hello! Use the secret code oldieartxxx

Humm. That sounds weird. Can you try it on another site and newgrounds? Error might show up there?

Hello! Can you hit F12 or go to your browser's console and see if any error comes up?

Hello! This game's on hiatus atm. Sorry about that! We're prioritizing the VNs at the moment, I'm in the middle of making some tools that might be useful for this kind of game. There are other things we're looking for, like better mobile support, so the engine may be based on what our VNs are using in the future.

Hello! Thank you :)

After the scene with her, there's a slightly longer load time to the next scene. It should advance to the next scene. If you still see it's a black screen, can you press F12 or open up the browser's console and see if there are any error messages? If so, copy and paste it here?

Hello! Are you on your phone trying to play this on your browser? You'll most likely need to switch to the Desktop version of the page. I've just uploaded the APK so you guys can download it from here rather than mega :)

Hello! Soon-ish! Around 75% through the special scenes. Maybe in a week or two!

You can load up an existing save game, or continue finishing up the current game, get through  the end, and start a new game when it goes back to the titlescreen. The game is linear in this way.

Hello! Thanks for asking :) The game is getting a remake of all character artworks. If you look at our patreon page, we've been laser focused at getting the special scenes prepped up for animation. We're probably looking at getting these preparation work done in 2-3 weeks? Might be earlier than that. After which, we'll animate the scenes, and up them into the game. The new character avatars are already in the game, so it's just a matter of the special scenes.

Oh wait, you mean Summer in Springtime. Yeah this one's shorter. I think it's easier to translate :). Hold on, let me prep things up for you.

Hello! That sounds interesting! But are you sure? You better think about it first. The last couple of times we tried helping some other interested people get started with this sort of thing were failures (they backed out/shied away/never heard from again...). Just to give you an idea, there are over 30,000 dialog lines of varying length in the game and we're not even done yet!

You can give it a try first and if you're not deterred by the sheer number, let us know again and let's see what we can do to help!

Broken links? Which builds were you trying to download?

When you finish a game a start a new one when it goes through the Credits Roll -> Titlescreen, you're starting something like a New Game+. Game data from the previous/current session is saved over.

Or are you talking about the first save slot being overwritten all the time? If so, this is because this is the Quick Save save slot, and the game periodically saves to this slot. There are 10 save game slots available. Just drag the list up and down to navigate.


Hello! When you load up a game data, it remembers where you are in the game. Now since we update the game often, sometimes we edit the scenario files. When this happens, the save position won't be where it's expected to be. This is why we don't recommend loading game data from a different or older version of the game. Does this answer your question? Other than that it's supposed to function as is. We can look into this just to be sure that the game data is saved and loaded properly.

Now there's something about the special scenes. I think I forgot about their data, so this means that when you save in the middle of a special scene, it might not remember the choices you made and you'll end up somewhere else in the special scene than expected. I'll definitely have to look into that one.

lol! Hard to describe. One is for the path where you run after her. And the other is near the start.

Cool! Thanks for letting us know it's as easy as that! We haven't been able to test this on Linux and some Ubuntu users have a problem trying to run it off their desktop screens

Hello! Let's see. Try running the file when you upack the tar.gz file.

Use bash or some other console to execute the script file (which runs the file called 'nw')

Yep I saw :) Replied there, too! I'm about done with adding in the extra options in the game :)

Hello! We'll look at this later :) I'm a little pooped adding this extra stuff to Ramen no Oujisama cuz of the long script work. So if you want to see what the other gender-bending options there are, it'll be in the other game's next release :)