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Android tends to be a harder version to make for every month (a lot of tests required) We intend to make a stable build version hopefully for v.10 instead (so soonish), and then update with a stable build again every few months!

Ah, I think that one text leads from where both options start - I will fix it at next update so it shouldn't be a problem anymore!

There'll be more goddesses with similar temperaments for the game!

Thank you! That's an old text error - it shouldn't break the game in any way but will get to removing it as soon as I can!

There was a brief mention that you'll have to go and learn more about the lore of the temple, right? So your best bet would perhaps go to a place that may have a lot of books, and then go on the map and see if it triggers anything :)

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Ahhh it's because the Obsidian Blade is an ice element, and Teleri is strong against ice. (The Poison spell also has a 50/50 and will be affected by the weapon you use, but I think I'll set it at next update to just hit 100% of the time instead. Ditto with being clearer on which weapons have what elements)

Choosing to go into the waters with them will always get this result (either ondins or naiads depending on your gender preference) so the only way to avoid it is choose not to go into the water

Once you are on Day 10 at the least, you can finish all of the quest. You don't have to finish the quest on the same day! Are you saying that you still have trouble with the day? If you choose to go to bed without a bedmate, it still just reverts to the shrine without rolling over the day?b I've tried replicating playing the quest, but the day rolls over to the next one as soon as I go to sleep alone. Is this still a problem?

I think I know what the problem is with the skill, though - I'll streamline it and add a fix in 30 mins!

For Quest 07 you finish the quest by going back to the shrine, sleeping, and then selecting no bedmate. The ghost will show up again and now you can officially recruit them as a devout :) This is as intended, because you have the opportunity to recruit before the day officially ends.

For the wings: is this by any chance what you saw?

This is the On the Defensive skill that you receive when you recruit Maggie Fairbright, and gives you an extra 5% HP for the remainder of the battle, but there shouldn't be anything in the game that would activate that skill on its own. The demon has about a 90 attack power, so if your def is low it would have taken out a huge chunk of that when it attacks?

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For the day not rolling over - do you see the "Day XX has ended" screen come up, or does it go automatically to the shrine screen? Also, do you mean that you start Quest 07 and encounter the ghost for the first time, but the day doesn't roll over immediately after that? Or is it after you encounter the ghost and sleep normally, you sleep for the next day but *that* doesn't roll over?

Or, you defeated the Quest 07 demon and finished it, and then days do not roll over after that?

I'm not sure what you mean by "Wings from the Divine"? Do you mean there's text that says "wings of the divine" while you're fighting? If you already finished Quest 07, the ghost has an auto-revive skill that will auto revive you if you lose in battle, but it only happens once a day!

same as my reply to the fishing post - please try it again and let me know!

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If you're playing the game in the browser, please refresh the browser - the new fix I made is that the "light fishing pole" option will always show up regardless of whether or not you have the pole, and I'm pretty sure of that. So if you're still not seeing that, it means it's an older version without the fix yet.

edit: will try to reupload a new version that will overwrite stuff, please allow half an hour from time of this posting to try again!

edit2: should be up now!

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thank you, this one should work now! (I also hope you don't mind, but I've credited your account as a tester in the game as well - let me know if there's another name you want me to use, tho!)

go to shrine!

This should work now!

I'm not able to recreate the bug, but I did add a workaround just in case, so let me know if that fixes it!

Did you already eat with Jereck that day? You can only have one meal per day with each of the devouts

does your items list (Menu > Items) have a fishing pole in your inventory?

Nue will be up in the next update! Still testing to slowly add them to all the aspects of the temples, etc. We're trying to slowly populate the Kitchen in particular because the bulk of the quests aren't available yet (if there's a food icon next to their names that means they'll be available then)!

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ahhh, sorry about that - judging from the time you posted this I was uploading some new stuff so it might not have gone through. Can you try it again?

should work now, let me know if it still doesn't!

That would be great, thank you! If 09 works, then it's likely a required Linux update on your end, as I haven't used any new versions for the system since

added a fix!

Added a fix!

(1 edit)

This seems like a specific fontconfig error - I found something that might be this, but I'll need to check again first - Were the previous builds of this game working for you? Did you upgrade your Linux to a higher version recently? I've been using a 1.6.2 version of this game system this whole time, so I need to check if it might be a compatibility issue

Are you using a female character? I just did a test and it seems like it should be working, as I can't replicate the mistake. Just to check - this is right after the end of the sex scene but before the pillow talk option, right?

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Hello! Is this the linux build that's giving you these errors? Are you using Archlinux?

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When you mean the Teleri quest, do you mean when you talk to her at the hot springs in your temple? Then yes, that quest is not yet available.

If your character is male, just flirt then turn down their offer to have sex when it's prompted, then flirt with them again. An option to recruit them will then appear without needing anything else!

And please stand by for the other bugs - I will likely upload the next version tomorrow once I can get off work so that should fix them! With this version the Aberitha quest should now be available to complete! Jereck's Quest 01 and Quest 07 (just sleep alone in your bedchamber in the shrine) will be available as well! There'll also be new enemies at the west maps and an option to add a library to your shrine!

Oic! Right now the game is a little behind in the backend compared to The Ramen Prince and Runicca. It does work on my old test phone so this is kinda baffling haha!

Added a fix!

ok, I added a [07] version fix that should work!

Also, I made a small mistake regarding clarifying enemies in the west maps - you should only get one enemy for this current version, but the next version should add the other ones! So you're right, only one enemy for now for the current western maps!

do you remember which names of the devouts are the ones showing with the black screen? Or do you mean you tried all of them?

As for west of the Dryad tree, there should be two more enemy encounters - an elven archer and a llorona where there's bodies of water. For the guy in hiding, you'll find him in the map below the Thessila one, hiding in a secret spot near the mountains. And Fiona will be available in the future!

The updates are for our patrons

Sorry, can't say! busy updating the ramen prince at the moment!

should be fixed now!

Best you google this one up



lol! Congrats on finding it ;) ;) ;)

She's there, you haven't just looked at the right place at the start ;)